MDD Bus Overclock

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

MDD Bus Overclock - 06/08/05 05:15 PM

I read an article with intsructions to overclock the bus on an MDD PowerMac. I don't know how well it work on an MDD with a bus of 167MHz, but I figure the single processor 1GHz is quite likely to live happily with its bus clocked up to 167 from 133. I base this guess on the fact that it is a second generation MDD, and most of the first gens ran at 167. If you do this, and fit PC2700 RAM in place of the PC2100, I think (hope) that it would run at full 333MHz speed. Plus the CPU would go to 1.25GHz. Perhaps the chip would need some extra cooling, but all in all, you chould see a healthy performance boost for a single mod. Plus you only have to remove one resistor. Not so challenging as soldering goes.....

Anyone done this with a single 1GHz (FW800)?