Processor Upgrades

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Processor Upgrades - 03/12/05 09:24 PM

I've been doing my onw limited research on Proc Upgrds and have been pointed in various directions. Anyway I ran across an article on Tidbits written back in November of 2004, which really explained a lot. The author has his own specific issues but it's worth reading. Especially if you are a neophyte like me. It has some interesting observations, including one about the Sleep mode issue, which I noticed someone in another thread is torqued about.

By the way, (off topic) I got my MCE Superdrive ($109)w/Dual layer support and it cranks up just fine.
I also ended getting the ATI 9000 Pro. I got some input from zenstate I thnk, about the fact that the 9800 boots up just fine on OS 9.2 but I had already ordered the 9000. I have to admit the idea of the 9800 is mighty tempting, but when I really thought about it, the only reason I was going to get it was to run Motion. And I've been on the fence about upgrading my AE 5 to 6.5 Pro anyway. So now I've got more money to do that. And to buy my new dual processor upgrade.
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Re:Processor Upgrades - 03/12/05 09:40 PM

Cool, dual processor upgarde, what will be nice. You will have to tell us how it performs.

BTW, can't get that link to load.
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Re:Processor Upgrades - 03/12/05 10:57 PM

I had to retrace my steps to remember how I got to that link. If it doesn't load for you try going to the Sonnet page with the Encore/ST G4 Duet details:

and click on the "Reviews" tesk/link and it should take you to the TidBits page with the article/review:

Addmitedly, Sonnet put the link there because it was positive about their product. But the author does have some good information. I can also confirm his comment about the PowerLogix dual which reverts to single processor mode in OS9. PowerLogix says as much on their site.

Yeah, I'll be going from a 733hz single to a dual 1.2-1.3hz. I'll have to remember to buy my Depends in advance.
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Re:Processor Upgrades - 03/13/05 03:04 PM

sounds great BrainMan. How about some benchmark stats on the before and after. I am interested to see how the processor upgrade makes a difference, most noteably between OS9 and OS X.
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Re:Processor Upgrades - 03/13/05 04:06 PM

God speed on your speed jump. Tell us how it goes!
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Re:Processor Upgrades - 03/14/05 08:57 AM

Im guessing that you got the 9000 with 128mb of ram. Motion will run fine with that. It
is the amount of ram that matters most to Motion. Good choice on the dual processors.
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Re:Processor Upgrades - 03/14/05 07:28 PM

I'd be happy to do some bench tests but I haven't got a clue on how to do that. My monicure is a juxtaposition of the letters to spell my first name, not a self declaration of my smarts. Send me a primmer on the "hot to's" and maybe where to get a shareware bench tester and I'll give it a try.

yeah, on your advice I got the 9000 w/128mbr. I almost sent it back for the 9800 when zenstate said the 9800 will work with OS 9.2. But figured what the heck - keep it and save some bucks. BTW, I'm not a gamer and haven't cranked up my 3D programs yet so I haven't really checked out the GL bells and whistles on the 9000. But it sure has speeded up the old CRT redraw. A few more upgrades and broadband and I'll be in the 21st century.

I've got some hard drive upgrade questions that maybe some folks can help out with or clarify but I'll open a new thread for that.