clear fan doesnt suck

Posted by: maestro

clear fan doesnt suck - 02/04/05 04:52 PM

I replace my ugly black fan on the back of my MDD G4 with one that is clear and has blue leds.
Its looks great but it just doesnt have the power of my old, ugly, NOISY, black one. I have
noticed my temps climb up 2 C. Bummer. Anyone know of a good, clear, quiet 80mm case
fan. I may have to switch to 2 60mm fans frown
Posted by: krusher117

Re:clear fan doesnt suck - 02/04/05 06:01 PM

a good fan that sucks.....a double entendre.....I think I need to go mind isn't really working at the moment.....I just tried to make a little cartoon with the smileys, but it didn't post properly frown .....sigh.......this crystal light stuff is good, but I am not having as much fun with it as that chick in the commercials.....didn't we discuss writing a fan comparison article on this whistle .......maybe its this thinkpad sucking the life out of me.....maybe this post is the weirdest or most beautiful thing I've ever done.....fin.
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:clear fan doesnt suck - 02/04/05 11:24 PM

Anything Antec or Coolermaster is the way to go. Never go for store or no name brand fans, as they tend to fail quicker than better made high quality ones. Average Antec Fans cost about $10 USD. Cooler master specializes more in the processor cooling area and fan controler type stuff and is more expensive..
Posted by: maestro

Re:clear fan doesnt suck - 02/05/05 10:41 AM

Yes we did talk about a fan comparison...I guess now is as good a time to write an article on it. wink
I will check out those to fan manufacturers. Thanks