1st gen eMac question...

Posted by: netjosh_granada

1st gen eMac question... - 01/25/05 07:34 PM

In the 1st generation eMac, the logic board has TWO blind-mate connectors that go directly to the analog module assembly, whereas the 2nd and 3rd gen eMacs have only one.

I don't know if the second connector is of any use (if it is there, it must do something ), or if I can try power up the eMac directly through the main connector (the one which is common in all generations - top left in the photo) using an "hypothetical" ATX conversion with the voltage info available in this thread.

If someone has access to a 1st gen eMac, it would be of great help if he could measure all pin voltages in both blind-mate connectors.


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