What more can I do w/ B&W?

Posted by: spincast111

What more can I do w/ B&W? - 01/20/05 11:27 PM

I have a B&W with a Sonnet G4 800MHz chip, 1GB RAM and 3x 30GB HD(2 in striped RAID config). I salvaged most of the parts, but bought the G4 primarily to use iChat AV with a USB webcam. It's very slow (~5fps) and everything else is still not what I was hoping for. Would a graphics card do the trick? Do I need a new ATA card? (especially if I get a DVD-R) etc. Cost-wise I'm thinking I should just trade it in for a mini. This has to be really on the cheap.

Any suggestions?
Posted by: whitlock

Re:What more can I do w/ B&W? - 01/20/05 11:34 PM

If you have pumped everything else up, yes a good graphics card will help a lot with rendering the video.
Posted by: maestro

Re:What more can I do w/ B&W? - 01/21/05 01:33 AM

Your first problem is the usb can. You need a fw cam (isight) if you want better fps. A video card would help too. Do you have an ata card already? If not, get one, that will help alot-go with Sonnet-those are made by Firmtek and are the best there is. B&W G3's are one of the best computers Apple has put out-save your bucks and keep it a while longer.
Posted by: spincast111

Re:What more can I do w/ B&W? - 01/21/05 01:53 AM

Thanks for the info. I don't have a ATA card yet. I have been using the USB cam on my TiBook (667) and it works fine. Hence the disappointment. As far as video cards go, should I just get the Radeon 7000 modded for Mac (32 or 64 MB), or are the Radeon and Radeon 8500 mods worth looking into? Seemed a bit too strung together for me.