changing HD in g3

Posted by: maestro

changing HD in g3 - 01/11/05 03:35 AM

Now that I have a rev. 1 b&w g3 I am learning fast its faults. I am constantly having problems with it. Freezes, panics, question mark folders, broken folders, and stalled booting. I have been up late several nights checking hardware and software and have finally come to a conclusion. Its the ata bus. I knew it could not handle 2 drives but didn't know it would choke and constantly corrupt with a ultra ata 7200. I read this at Apple and XLR8, and after everything else, it must be the cause. Well that is unfortunate because I was not given its origianl drive (which is now marginal anyway), so I must forgo my initial mods to buy the ata pci card. Bummer...well unless someone has a better idea. At least the computer was free.

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Re:changing HD in g3 - 01/11/05 04:09 AM

what about a PCI SATA card?
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Re:changing HD in g3 - 01/11/05 04:15 AM

Unfortunately I already have the Maxtor ata133 drive. So the only way to go with the sata card would be to get the convertor and that costs the same as going with the ata pci card.
Oh well, life cant always kick ass.

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Re:changing HD in g3 - 01/11/05 09:03 AM

I'll post some general information to see if this may or may not help.

I ran my secondary hard drive off the IDE1 bus, not off the IDE0 bus. I had it running for about 9 months without any problems (well, before I leant it), but have it back and popped another drive in my G3. I never saw any issues like that.

I do have a few questions about what you have tried:
1.) Which ATA controller are you running your second drive from? The primary or secondary?
2.) Does your machine perform the same with 2 hard drives on different ATA controllers?
3.) If you rub steel wool on your logic board, does in not spark? Does it feel pain? Does it die?
4.) What happens when you remove the optical drive and just have two IDE devices?
5a.) Do you trust everything you read? (j/k)
5b.) Have you checked the battery lately?
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Re:changing HD in g3 - 01/11/05 09:47 AM

I do plan on replacing the battery. I only have one HD in it and one optical drive.
When I got it, the HD was gone and it had a zip and cd-I replaced the cd with an Apple combo drive. Also, it was missing the ata wiring so I replaced that with an ata 133 I had laying around (I tried 2, its not the wiring.

Here is exactly what happens. I erase the drive in my G4 and then put it into the G3. Then I boot from OSX CD and install. It works okay, then the next time I boot or restart, it freezes on the grey Apple screen as it is booting. Before that I had the things described before happen.

Thanks for trying to help, got any other ideas?

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Re:changing HD in g3 - 01/28/05 08:31 AM

I may have solved my problem. I moved the hd ata cord to the ide port (optical) and the ide to the ata ultra port. I have been booting and rebooting with no kernels so far. I will continue testing tonight and get back to this tomorrow. By the way, the g3 build up should be up soon with another hd solution from Firmtek. wink
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Re:changing HD in g3 - 01/28/05 09:41 PM

It works. I went through tests and benchmarks without a panic. So now it works and I can test the stock drive setup before I add the sata card and sata/ata convertor. Hopefully this helps others out there with this issue, I spent many nights working on it. I just installed a fresh copy of Panther and it runs great.