if the card fits...

Posted by: maestro

if the card fits... - 01/06/05 03:33 AM

I would like to find out what video cards fit into g4 macs. If a card physically fits into the agp slot, its possible to get it to work, even if its pc. Some cards just dont fit. One that I know of is the Nvidia 5200. I have a ati 9000 in my mdd, I know that I can go to a 9800, but not for that cash. Im not a gamer. I know a 9600 fits, but what about a 9700? I think it does, but here is the real big question. DOES A X800 FIT INTO A G4 AGP SLOT? Also, is it worth even looking at Nvidia? I saw some benchmarks on Bare Feats and the X800xt killed the 6800U.
Oh ya, if the X800 did fit, I would buy one, even though its more than the 9800.

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Re:if the card fits... - 01/06/05 04:11 AM

An AGP 8x X800 was released by ATI for the mac at $499 and looks like it will fit in a G4 bacuse its the size of a single AGP card. However, it does not support a G4 according to their site (more than likely this is the result of the x800 being incopatible with AGP speeds less than 8x). Even the PC version supports only 8x AGP or PCI-Express so to get this to be compatible on anything below a G5 will be impossible(?). :ohmy:
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Re:if the card fits... - 01/06/05 05:32 AM

I know the stock card in the machine is an NVidia GeForce 2 MX400. There is also a mac compatible ati rage 7000 pci card that you could use in it.
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Re:if the card fits... - 01/06/05 07:01 AM

Actually if you look further into it. The x800 pro for PC will work with 4 or 8. That means the mac probably will too. Ati just changes a couple of hardware and ROM things for compatability. Now if the slots are compatabile, with a little finagling it could work! The research continues.
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