old protools PCI card

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old protools PCI card - 01/04/05 08:13 AM


I need some help.

I have a G5 2ghz and last day pass me an old audio interface PROTOOLS TDM 882/20.
this hardware works with old pci cards... can i run with my G5?
are compatibles PCI in PCI-X on G5?

some guys tell me existing box converter pci to firewire, it's real?
...some one can help me?



g4 350mhz 40gb 800mb / g5 2ghz 160gb +120gb (external HD plug it in a crashed cd-rom firewirebox)
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Re:old protools PCI card - 01/04/05 08:55 AM

The G5 only has 1 PCI-X slot and several PCI slots so you can just stick it in the PCI slot and if the drivers are compatible with your current OS then you should be set

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Re:old protools PCI card - 01/04/05 07:14 PM

hi, again...

i just looking for some words for my problem. Protool's web say this:
(it's possible crash it?)


Apple Power Mac G5 Qualification for Pro Tools Systems

Pro Tools|24 MIX, older Digidesign & Third-Party PCI Cards Will Not be Supported on G5

Apple's Power Mac G5 computers include technical changes to PCI card support which renders Pro Tools|24 MIX, and some other Digidesign and third-party PCI cards incompatible.

The G5's PCI slots accommodate 3.3 volt-powered PCI cards only, compared to the G4's PCI slots which supported mixed voltage cards (5.0 V, 12 V, or 3.3 V). While some of Digidesign's PCI cards are compatible with both 5.0 V or 3.3 V PCI slots, others require 5.0 V-capable PCI slots and will not fit in the PCI slots of a Power Mac G5.

All Pro Tools|HD core cards, HD Process cards, and HD Accel cards are fully compatible with the Power Mac G5.

Although MIX Core and MIX Farm cards are 5.0 or 3.3 volt-powered PCI cards, other changes in the Power Mac G5's PCI architecture have reduced performance of these cards to the point where Digidesign cannot support them in a Power Mac G5. Please see the following message from Digidesign:

Pro Tools|24 MIX Systems End of Development
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Re:old protools PCI card - 01/04/05 11:36 PM

Ouch. Just because they don't support it doesn't mean it doesn't work. I don't support routers @ work but they do. It basically says it will work, but the power may be reduced.

They do make FireWire PCI external cabinets though. They are not cheap, but if that's what you want to use this card and get full performance, since it is a Pro Tools card, then that is what you may need.