Posted by: pinkster

superdrive - 12/27/04 11:44 PM

does anyone know here i can find a superdrive for a imac g4.

thanks laugh
Posted by: krusher117

Re:superdrive - 12/27/04 11:55 PM

the iMac uses a regular optical drive so you can go to the store and pretty much buy anything. If you want it to work with Apple software and be viewed as a "superdrive" you'll need to look for a Pioneer DVR-106 or 108
or get an aftermarket one that isn't nescessarily going to work with iDVD, itunes, or Finder burning. Most every burner is supported by toast and popcorn so I wouldn't really worry too much about it.

The MAJOR issue you need to keep in mind is that the iMac is very space efficient and has a optical drive that is around 7 inches long. I'd pull your out and measure it to be exact. Most optical drives on the market are at least an inch longer than this, so make sure you measure before you buy.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:superdrive - 12/27/04 11:56 PM

here's a guide i found from the guys over at xlr8yourmac that will show you how to get into your imac when you decide to make the upgrade.
Posted by: zenstate

Re:superdrive - 12/28/04 12:55 AM

go to any store that sells oem pioneer dvdr drives and get either a 107 or 108. the 108 is dual layer. then just follow that owc guide.

I say pioneer because they work so well with apples hardware and are fully supported by the os and iapps.
Posted by: zenstate

Re:superdrive - 12/28/04 01:03 AM

btw, don't get a 106 as they only burn @ 4x where as the 107 is 8x and the 108 is 16x (8x for dual layer). you will want at least an 8x, trust me.