New SCSI CD-ROM for 6360

Posted by: maclover1986

New SCSI CD-ROM for 6360 - 10/16/04 01:19 AM

Hey guys,

Here's the scoop on my 6360:
I found an old SCSI CD-ROM in this junk bin, at school, one day. Actually, it is a fairly new CD-ROM. In fact, it is a NEC brand CD-ROM, and it is about 5 years old. The reason my school wanted to get rid of it is because the laser assembly kept jamming. I took it apart, and here, there were these little clippy things blocking the assembly from coming up to the disc. And to fix it, I just had to remove them, and now, it works fine.

I put it in the 6360, and started it up. I tried to load the CD-ROM as I would any Mac CD-ROM, but the disc wouldn't show up on my Desktop. The CD-ROM was functioning, but no icon appeared.
Later, I tried booting the 6360 from the CD-ROM, and it worked fine. You know how to boot from a CD: Restart the computer, hold in the "C" key...

Can anyone give me tips on how to load a CD while I am using my hard drive as a boot device?

Posted by: maclover1986

New SCSI CD-ROM for 6360 - 10/17/04 02:22 AM

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