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Mini-ITX - 10/04/04 12:02 PM

Sure, this is a PC question, but what the heck. Has anyone worked with a Mini-ITX board before? Are they worth it to incorperate with a project? I never had an opportunity to, but they are just basically small MOBO's with low power demands and a customer processor, right? No oddities I should be aware of?
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Re:Mini-ITX - 10/05/04 07:11 AM

To be honest, I haven't used one. I've seen them used in various mod projects though, for example, ammo case pc's, and pizza box pc's. As far as I know they are basically laptop mobo's with proscessors that are proprietary. They seem to ver versatile, I could see it as a great entertainment center setbox pc, or a small, not so powerful lan party pc. However, There is one board made by a company called iBase ( That you can put any Pentium 4 chip in. (It has a socket) I beileve the Model number for this board is MB870. It was reviewed on a few weeks ago. I hope this helps. Also, not to mention, The ones with proprietary cpu's usally dont come at speeds more than 1ghtz. The only other problem is most of them use onboard video chipsets, which really suck and steal rescources from your ram and cpu.

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