SCSI Raid?

Posted by: parallax7d

SCSI Raid? - 08/07/04 10:22 AM

Is SCSI supported on Macs? How about bootable raid partitions?
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:SCSI Raid? - 08/07/04 01:01 PM

Parallax welcome to MacMod. You might find the following articles of interest for SCSI support on a Mac OS X platform.

So, the answer being yes, but with a little work wink
Posted by: maclover1986

Re:SCSI Raid? - 10/23/04 07:38 AM

Hey parallax,

Two questions: 1.) What Macintosh are you trying to install a SCSI RAID on? 2.) What kind of device do you wish to make a RAID of, and how many of that device? If it's older than a Power Mac G3, then it is supported. If it isn't, good luck finding a SCSI card for a PCI Slot. To set up a SCSI drive, I would strongly recommend a utility called "SCSIProbe". It worked on my 6360 for when I got my NEC CD-ROM going.

Hope you found this response useful, and welcome to the MacMod team.
I am kind of new to the team myself. laugh

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