Third party aftermarket G4 processors

Posted by: jb1aze

Third party aftermarket G4 processors - 07/20/04 01:10 AM

I am looking to buy a third party aftermarket processor for my powermac G4. Does anyone have any suggestions on which brand to buy. I've been researching Sonnet, Powerlogix & FastMac. I am leaning towards the Powerlogix processor because of reviews of the processor.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Third party aftermarket G4 processors - 07/20/04 05:26 AM

In almost any review that I have read, Sonnet upgrades are slightly faster than others. Powerlogix offers a really nice selection of dual G4 upgrades and they seem to have a great price to performance ratio. My personal recommendation would be the OWC Mercury upgrades or the FastMac upgrades. They appear to be custom brands of the same generic upgrade so you will be getting the same product. I guess you should just compare on price. I have an OWC Mercury upgrade from that I installed on my AGP G4 PowerMac and it was a stressfree problem free experience.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Third party aftermarket G4 processors - 07/20/04 11:26 PM

i used to work retail selling macs, and i always used sonnet. the tech support people know what they are doing and they tend to just plain work w/o much effort. i've installed a few and they have all been good experiences.