Frankenmac Continued Or A beige G3 story Part Zwei

Posted by: BillHarrison

Frankenmac Continued Or A beige G3 story Part Zwei - 06/27/04 05:22 PM

Well, had an interesting time with my new drives and SCSI card. The card is an Adaptec 2940u2w SCSI card. It is the PC version. The drives are Maxtor (Quantum, guess they are about the same bedpartners) Atlas 10K III Ultra160 drives.

I am using a Beige G3 AIO (Link for those who don't know what this is: ). I opened the motherboard tray, and removed the Zip bezel that was on one side and the factory floppy that was on the other ( not supported in OS X anyways, Apple said screw floppies a long time ago, so its time I did too!). Mounted the new drives here. Plugged the Adaptec card in a free pci slot and pushed the logic board reset button for 10 sec. Cabled up the drives, and then saw problem #1. The tray wont close with the card installed, its too tall. Oops. Well, she runs ok with the tray out, just a little clumsy. Went ahead and turned on the system, and flashed the PRAM on first boot. OS X booted up, and to my chagrin detected both of the scsi harddrives immediately. I opened disk utility and created a raid 0 using both drives. Worked flawlessly. Now for my issue #2. XPostfacto would not recognize the raid as a valid drive. It would not allow me to boot from it using a helper disk as was my original intention. If I break the raid, I can install the os on either of the scsi drives, and boot from them using the helper disk feature. But not with the raid. I have posted on the XPostfacto support board concerning this, so if a solution is ironed out, I will pass it on here.

Well, in either case, I am getting great speeds using a single drive on my beige. 57mpbs throughput on the single drive. This is compared to the stock onboard ata at 5mbps. So its a real big improvement. And the fact that the PC card worked is awesome, saved me bigtime vrs the Apple rommed version!

I think scsi is the way to go on beige G3's and older due to the 8gb limit in OS X and such. The full drive is available and works great. This would not be possible on an ATA drive on the stock controller. Not to mention its alot faster, the max speed on the stock controller is 16mbps, on this scsi card its 80!

More to come!