imac fish tank!

Posted by: scottk

imac fish tank! - 06/06/04 12:53 AM

I'll do my best to get a pic, but an IT guy I know at work bought an old Mac on ebay for $30 and turn it into a fishtank for his girlfriend! Man is this thing awesome. I never thought he could pull it off, let alone make it look cool.
Posted by: DaleCo2k

Re:imac fish tank! - 06/06/04 12:09 PM

Very Nice, I had tried about 2 years ago to convert an old 15 inch monitor into a fish tank only to have the sucker leak all over my desk 2 days after I finished. Maybe I shouldn't have used the cheap silicone. Oh well.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:imac fish tank! - 06/06/04 12:14 PM

Scott, can you see if you can get your buddy to post a mod guide of this fish tank? That would be killer. I am sure that there are a number of members that would love to be able to make one for themselves. With this mod guide it can be made possible. If you can't work that, a pic would still be great. Thanks and hope to see something soon.
Posted by: mherrman

Re:imac fish tank! - 06/09/04 09:57 AM

I saw this somewhere on the web a few yrs ago with a grape model if I remember correctly. Ill have to see if I can find the pics.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re:imac fish tank! - 06/09/04 10:17 AM


Do-It-Yourself Kits at MacAquarium
Posted by: whitlock

Re:imac fish tank! - 06/09/04 03:19 PM

well, as long as it is not the infamous ibong wink

i used to work in a mac store and would have people stroll in and pick up the old se's. heh, those were the days.
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:imac fish tank! - 09/10/04 08:44 AM

I made a fishtank out of a 1995 Apple Performa Plus monitor. It still lives almost a year later. My fishes names are Clarus and Tux. Don't ask. Just do a search for the Author "Jeff" on the modgallery. It's floating around there somewhere.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:imac fish tank! - 09/10/04 11:04 AM

nice, clarus and tux! wink