PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK!

Posted by: wildcat17

PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/03/09 05:05 AM

Hey guys I recently did my first Mod. I was given two macs last year a B&W G3 and Grey G4. I decided to transform the G3 into something more flashy. My Digital Cam suffered major damage :-X So I didn't take any pics in the modding stage but here are some shots from my cell. Enjoy smile

Pre Mod:

The Results:

Mod cost more than expected, multiple set backs. Took course over a month. Steel casing was problematic broke several saw blades cutting out pieces for new fan and side window. Decided to use a plasma cutter instead.
Painting required many coats, had to be redone more than once. Its not my greatest strength ha.
Many of the Alen Screws stripped, so I replaced them all with Philips head machined screws.
It all came out in the end and therefor I am satisfied.

Mac specs are all original other than a larger harddrive, and some additional RAM. Running Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger.


1 AeroCool XtremeTurbine-Silver 120mm Case Fan ($13.99)
1 LOGISYS Computer LT400GN 80mm Green LED Case Fan ($4.29)
1 LOGISYS Computer LNSGN 12" Neon Green LED Light ($7.99)
-Courtesy of http://www.neweggg.com

12 x 12 1/8" thick cast acrylic sheet ($9.99)
6ft. 1/4 wide U-channel molding ($3.99)
3M Scotch Clear Mounting Tape #4010 ($5.95)
24 x 12 Sheet Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film ($9.99)
-Courtesy http://www.mnpctech.com

2 Cans of Blue Dupli-Color Metal Specks (Approx. ($10 a piece)
1 Can of Silver Dupli-Color Metal Specks
(Approx ($10)
3 Cans White Gloss Primer (Approx. $4 a piece)
2 Cans Clear Gloss Top Coat (Approx $4 a piece)
10 Sheets 1200 Grain Sandpaper
Chrome Edge Trim (15' Package) ($10.99)
-Coutesy Autozone and AceHardware


Electric Drill/drill bits: drill new fan holes
Metric Alan Wrenches: for Plastic covers
Electric Jigsaw: cut acrylic and outer window
AirPowered Jigsaw: cut steel case
Philips Screw Drivers: internal screws
Plasma Cutter: more efficient to cut steel case
Scissors/razor: cut vinyl film
and of course my Trusty Dremel!: make some final cuts and incisions

Comments appreciated
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Re: PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/03/09 05:51 PM

good mod! But... It would be great to see some better photos! try to borrow a better camera and post em up! The shade of blue is stellar!
Posted by: soundmann18

Re: PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/04/09 10:29 AM

Very nice looking, well done.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re: PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/09/09 05:46 AM

Wildcat- Great Mod! I'd love to see this in the mod section though, the guide is great, but it'll get lost here in the forums. I agree with manhackman a good couple shots of the end product would make the guide shine. Good work!

Posted by: wildcat17

Re: PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/12/09 05:41 AM

Thanks guys. how do i post it in the Mod Section? I'm dumping most of my money into another mod i'm doing for a home server rightnow. I'll have to borrow a better quality camera.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re: PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/13/09 05:36 AM

I honestly am unsure, I looked around and couldn't figure it out. They're located in "DIY Zone" but as far as posting new guides, I'm at a loss. Try contacting oojacaboo, he will be able to help.

Posted by: wildcat17

Re: PowerMac G3 MakeOver LOOK! - 10/16/09 01:37 AM

Will do, thanks guys.