Powermac G5 Hard drive questions

Posted by: iBookdude458

Powermac G5 Hard drive questions - 06/08/09 02:17 AM

Hey guys I plan on getting a second hard drive for my powermac G5 seeing as II'm running low on space and it would be cheaper to put an additional hard drive in my G5 than to build a new external one.

I have the last generation G5 where they have the two hard drives sitting on top of eachother. My guess is this will present cooling problems for me. My plan is to put in a seagate 1.5 Terabyte hard drive as a secondary hard drive or maybe as my boot drive but I don't think it will be as reliable so the plan now is to have it as a secondary for the storage of my growing movie collection.

so what should I do to prevent the two hard drives from damaging eachother with heat?
Posted by: legomactrumpet

Re: Powermac G5 Hard drive questions - 06/08/09 02:44 AM

I currently have two hard drives like this both running 80 to 100 in my g5 and it does fine, i have had some problems in the past with the drive being on top and messing with the thermometer right above the bay but it can be fixed by moving the hotter drive to the bottom. They both get cooled by the top-center fan which stops heat from the bottom bay burning the top.
Posted by: Oelmuvun

Re: Powermac G5 Hard drive questions - 06/08/09 05:10 AM

If you are just going for storage then perhaps you might consider a Western Digital Caviar Green if you are *really* concerned about heat?

However, so long as the temp sensor is positioned properly and the fan is being controlled suitably then you will probably be fine with pretty much any drive.