B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD

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B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 01/19/09 12:29 AM

Hello, I'm new in this forum.

My new project is building a ASUS/AMD computer into a B&W G3 case. (I will post photos up later)

I'm using a ASUS M3A78-EM motherboard:


I have already put the board in, I had to cut off some of the board supports (since I couldn't unscrew them..) I was able to use one of the supports for the upper right hand hole and another hole was located exactly over a rivet that holds the back pannel, so I removed the rivet and put a bolt. So the motherboard is held in place in 2 spots only. (I did'nt want to drill more holes than necessary)

Since this motherboard is a bit larger than some other mods I seen, I have to cut the drive-bay cage so the memory and PSU plug will clear.
A regular Drive won't fit (even the smaller ones) and I don't want to use an external drive, so I am going to buy a Slim DVD-RW drive. I have already took the measurements and it fits without hitting the memory/PSU plug.

Talking about the PSU, I am using an ANTEC power-supply. It has 2 cooling fans but I removed the larger one because I wanted the rear end plug to sit in the original spot. Some mods people flip the PSU and drill out the back but I didn't want to do that.
I didn't leave the big fan because the space between the case and fan is aprox. 1cm and the airflow wouldn't be very good, the fan would over-rev and make more noise (as seen later on with the CPU fan..).
I also found extension PSU cables on ebay so the wiring will be "clean" like it was originally.

The stock AMD cooler clears the case but as I noticed when I opened/closed the case with the computer on, the fan was way to close to the PSU and would rev-up and make more noise when the case was closed. So I looked for a horizontal low profile cooler and found this one:

I will pick one up this week. It should do the trick as the airflow will be much better.

Now I need some help with the front pannel buttons. I was going to put some regular buttons behind the case buttons but it wasn't working out so I'm going to use the original front panel. I need to figure out the wiring so can use the plug. I don't want to solder wires, It would be much simpler just patching the plug. Can anyone give me the layout of the 20pin plug?
Looks like this one:
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 01/19/09 06:01 AM

If the pinout looks like this:


Pins 3 & 6 combined will give power. You can play around with the wiring and see if you can get some other features working, but that will push you in the right direction.
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 01/19/09 03:50 PM

This plug is a 20-pin....
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 01/19/09 04:33 PM

My bad! I pulled my info for a newer G4-style case button board and didn't realize it. There is a lot of information out there for using the G4 case button board, but the info I found was completely mislabeled.

Short of following the traces back from the buttons or just playing around with wires, maybe someone that still has a G3 could chime in and help?
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 01/21/09 08:44 PM

I was able to figure out the Power and Reset buttons but I'm still working out the Power Led.
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 01/22/09 12:49 AM

Might this provide handy information?
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 02/22/09 05:35 PM

I've done a mATX -> iMacG3 mod (w/ 15" LCD), but now I'm trying to get the ASRock mATX into the B&W case.
Can you post the wiring of the front panel.
Maybe you have taking some photos of your mod?
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 03/17/09 05:35 PM

Suggestion. Dump the panel all together. The MB has power, reset, led attachments. Attach new switches as well as led to a board. That is if you really want it to look stock. Otherwise a blue-lit Bulgin push button switch would look really cool. HDD led could be put into the reset buttons hole.

Just some thoughts for ya.

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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 03/18/09 08:55 AM

I figured out the pin's. I also broke the original led laugh
So I soldered another LED and it works.
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Re: B&W G3 powered by ASUS/AMD - 03/19/09 08:10 AM

Since you figured it out, you going to post a pinout for it?