changing a g4 sawtooth

Posted by: legomactrumpet

changing a g4 sawtooth - 11/04/08 07:26 PM

As of sitting in front of this computer screen, i notice that my trusty (and mostly dusty G4) is some what loud compared to my G5. I know this is so because there are more fans on the G5 and it obtains better cooling that way,but i want to change that. My recent mod, the power lego mac, wasn't based on anything but combining legos and computers. This time I want to do something neat and need ideas to help, but the thing is I don't want to build something in a PC case (don't want it to look like I'm going to the dark side), I want to build it from the bottom up. Any ideas please.
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Re: changing a g4 sawtooth - 11/05/08 04:03 AM

Dude, I had one of those MDD G4's and it was the primary fan that was at fault, by simply replacing it with another, it solved the entire issue with the noise. Actually Apple sent me a replacement, after calling and complaining a few times.

You might try that and see. Open it up and see if its that one fan causing the issue. Its the one blowing on the heatsink, IIRC.
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Re: changing a g4 sawtooth - 11/05/08 04:25 PM

Please my quicksilver sounded like a vacuum cleaner until I swapped out the fans. The loudest in the one inside the power supply. I changed out all three fans in the case and the difference is amazing.
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Re: changing a g4 sawtooth - 11/05/08 09:37 PM

I looked into these things but the fan is quote running at "normal speed." Further testing led me to find that the temperature inside the G4 was hot, really, REALLY hot. It just seems that those two fans won't cut it, can anyone lead me in the way of awesome mods for cooling my tower. Thanks.
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Re: changing a g4 sawtooth - 11/05/08 10:07 PM

Yea, that was the thing about those fans, they made the loud noise even at normal speeds.

That said, you could always do a water cooling mod. I think there is a guide somewhere on that too, check the archives.

Also, check out this mod guide...
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Re: changing a g4 sawtooth - 11/05/08 10:11 PM

here is the water cooling guide...

Also, you should read over some of the other guides. There is some good info there.