red and black 2.0

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red and black 2.0 - 09/21/08 02:20 PM

Last year I painted a G4 sawtooth case red and black. I decided to take it further and get rid of the shinny chrome inside the case. I found a can of Metalcast red paint in my paint supplies box and took off a panel on the case to do a test so if it didn't come out right the panel would hide the mistake. The paint test came out great. I removed all of the panels and gutted the system and painted the whole metal frame of the case in the red metalcast. Since I didn't want just red I painted a the CD-ROM/Zip Drive cage in a semi flat black. I also gutted the power supply and painted the power supply cage/case in semi gloss black as well.

Next step is to mount the 120mm fan back but with out that rail. I'm thinking to use some riser studs for that.

I also need to get some black round IDE cables and a wire sleeve kit for the power supply cables.

The only thing I don't like about this is the PCB materiel Apple chose doesn't fit the scheme at all. Having green colored circuit boards in a red case looks ugly as heck. I could put white glue on most of the contacts then paint it with a enamel and peel the glue back off but that would be too much work.

BTW, i'll take some pictures soon.
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Re: red and black 2.0 - 09/21/08 05:15 PM

yes, pictures smile
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Re: red and black 2.0 - 09/21/08 07:13 PM

Here's a link to liquid electrical tape. You might try this stuff. I've used it to repair all kinds of oddball stuff. I know it comes in black, red and white. Maybe a few others by now. The can comes with a brush inside and one can would easily cover one side of your MoBo. I'd get two for one side though, depending on how black you want it to be.
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Re: red and black 2.0 - 09/21/08 07:27 PM

Also, for your wiring, you might look at "custom" tubing for it. Comes in lots of sizes and lots colors.
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Re: red and black 2.0 - 09/22/08 03:28 PM

I'll live with the green and toss on some red bling. Maybe a few LEDs and such.

I'm tired of wire looming. I've been using it for years on my PC mods and my car is also loaded with it. I might try some automotive silicon rubber tubing to cover the cables so it looks like one massive cable instead of 4 running to each device. Not to mention it will insulate better. Hard part is to cover up the connection to the logicboard.

I'll take better pics when I get more free time.
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Re: red and black 2.0 - 09/22/08 03:49 PM

Oh, I need the pinout for the front panel. I tried to turn the ribbon cable into a round cable and screwed it up.