Case transplant

Posted by: YKWIA

Case transplant - 06/29/08 06:22 PM

A simple question. I'm wondering. Can I take a newer iMac 24-inch (customized 3.06GHz one if you're wondering) and transplant it into an older iMac 24-inch case?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Case transplant - 06/30/08 10:01 PM

There are a great many similarities between the cases of the white and aluminium 2iMacs. It shouldn't be a tricky job to transplant, but don't expect it to be a matter of unscrewing the components of one and screwing them back into the other. The biggest difference will be the glass panel over the screen and the magnets that hold it in place.
The alu ones are a pain because of this glass screen. It looks beautiful but when reassembling them I spend as much time cleaning the LCD and the glass as I do performing a repair.

Then there is the question of why you would want to do this. It would be cheaper and less hassle to buy a used white 24" and upgrade the RAM and HD. Personally I prefer the look of the alu ones though. You get bored of white when you see as many Macs as I do.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: Case transplant - 07/01/08 02:24 AM

war, while I agree with you, to each their own. I def think the mod is doable. Just might take some time. Guess its a matter of whether or not its worth it. But def doable and worth a shot if you are adamant.

o yea, welcome to MacMod ;D
Posted by: ctan

Re: Case transplant - 07/16/08 10:50 PM

I would find the take aparts for the two and compare them. It might require some extra screw placements, but you should be able to do something with it. Aren't the Al cases smaller than the previous 24"?

But you take a big risk with this. Heat issues mainly. If the case doesn't vent correctly you could be throwing away a sweet iMac.
Posted by: flippy10

Re: Case transplant - 07/21/08 04:47 PM

Well, the newer iMacs have different chips in them that actually (or well according to the datahsheets that I've read) produce less heat then the previous generation. This goes triply for the Core Duo to Core 2 Duo. The thing I might worry about could be the graphics chipset, but even then. It should be okay. Not to mention there are plenty of temperature monitoring applications for the Intel chips. There are temperature sensors all over the place in there. Just get an app that'll burn the CPU for a while and record the max temp. If need be, the case is composite material. Just use a Dremel, make a vent, place a blower fan, done deal.