Toaster Mod

Posted by: whitlock

Toaster Mod - 04/29/08 02:15 AM

I was browsing around and found this mod where you can add a toaster to your computer. I bet it would be super handy for kids living in dorms, people who never leave their rooms and consume mini pizzas, or even those who like the smell of burnt toast to always linger by.

Freaking crazy.
Posted by: soundmann18

Re: Toaster Mod - 04/29/08 02:30 AM

awesome find. Hopefully they make an external version soon so I can put it in my laptop. I suppose I could just take my dvd burner out of its enclosure...
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Toaster Mod - 04/29/08 07:09 PM

I guess if you took your dvd burner out, you'd still be using Toast on your Mac! Ha ha ha...

Posted by: soundmann18

Re: Toaster Mod - 04/29/08 10:09 PM

oh wow was that 'pun'ny ::)
Posted by: 987687

Re: Toaster Mod - 04/30/08 03:30 AM

Sweetness! Not that expensive either.
Posted by: gthicjohn

Re: Toaster Mod - 05/04/08 11:54 PM

There was this site a while ago called mod the toaster or hack the toaste, they had some pretty cool stuff like a computer case smoker. The sites gone now but i think you can still find the videos on youtube. after every creation the guy would eat what ever was made in the invention.