Insane G3 Clamshell Case Mod?

Posted by: fiftyone

Insane G3 Clamshell Case Mod? - 03/22/08 10:37 PM

ok, well I have a relly nice 12' Alluminum G4 that I totally love, unforunately the alluminum case has taken a beating over the years, I got a son who loves to drop it, it's a tough sucker been kicked punched dropped half a dozen times, so I was thinking that I would like to buy an old broken down G3 Clamshell on ebay and case-mod the guts of my Powerbook into the Clamshell umm.. shell... What do you think? I love the clamshells i think they are awsome I always wanted one when they came out but I never had the cash. Now that i have some money to burn their way obsolete and nowhere near even completely maxed out what I would need for it to function properly.

I don't want to keep any of the guts of the clamshell i just want the case... What do you you think? Is it possible? Can It be done? What do you guys think I will need to do it? Dremel ect?
Posted by: manhackman

Re: Insane G3 Clamshell Case Mod? - 03/23/08 07:43 PM

I think this is an awesome idea! It will be a lot of work though.
The first step would be to pick up a clamshell and take everything apart (both comps) to see if things will fit. You'll have to build some sort of custom mounts for sure.
There's probably a whole heap of probs that you'll run into. I'm just going from memory of stuff I've read, but you will have probs with the trackpad and keyboard for starters. I don't think the trackpads use the same interface (the G4 being a USB) and the G3 something else ADB??I think). And I think the keyboards will also have different connectors. That means using the existing top half if the powerbook case, and modding it to have a similar look, and to fit the shape. I think that will be the hardest part. has take apart guides so you can get a glimpse of what your getting into.
If you pick up a busted clamshell on ebay, and it looks like things won't fit, you can always resell it!

Good luck and take lots of pictures!
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Insane G3 Clamshell Case Mod? - 03/23/08 08:20 PM

Spot on, you are going to have to pull the trackpad from the 12". These can be tricky - sometimes they bend irreparably when you remove them. Other times they are fine.
Keyboard will be different as well so you might want to import that from the 12". You might be able to swap some of the keys over if you wanted to.

I can see the video cable being a bit of an issue too. Apple used to have a tendency to wrap them around the hinges a bit more than they do these days.