Imac C2D Mod

Posted by: moons

Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 08:26 PM

wink Okay, call me crazy, but I'm tired of this 17" lcd in my C2D iMac. I'd like to disassemble it, sell the case and lcd, and buy a tower for the guts of my imac. Any suggestions? I havent been able to find anyone crazy enough to do this online?
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 08:28 PM


B-A-D I-D-E-A laugh
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 08:29 PM

Originally Posted By: "Wookie "


B-A-D I-D-E-A laugh

LOL. And why is that? Ive taken apart most of the Apple machines out there.
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 08:36 PM

i also have taken apart a lot of macintosh's...
but why..i mean they are beautiful like they are..

but if you want to do it..:D

which case do you want to use?

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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 08:44 PM

I dont really care about the beauty of the case... I'd like a nice looking tower so i can throw some big ass fans in there and cool this puppy down another 5-10 degrees. Id also like to get rid of these 5 external hard drives and put a few in there. Any recommends on this transplant operation  ;D
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 08:49 PM

hey. will have to do some custom holes for the mobo..
and if you want to add some HD' there enough SATA connections?
or put a big one in..

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 09:00 PM

The logic boards and power supplies are not pretty in these things. The board is a really odd shape with a heat sink which is about the same size, and also an unusual shape. The PSU is unshielded, so care must be taken in mounting it.
You'll probably need a lot of ducting to get air to the right places. unless you keep the original blowers. Guess what, they are not like the fans in most towers. They are designed for a slim enclosure.
This is a brave move. Is your warranty out?
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 09:20 PM

[censored] problem), so I figured it might be worth the mod. the only thing im really concerned about is that unshielded psu. any recommends on handling and mounting it?
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 09:22 PM

isnt there any shielding material that you could use for shielding the PSU?

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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/20/07 09:28 PM

You'll have to get extension cables for all the ports, because they're mounted perpendicular to the motherboard. So, when you mount it in the case, they'll be facing inside the case, not toward the back.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/21/07 08:17 AM

It isn't tough to shield it. Most PSUs are just in metal boxes, the white iMacs have cases lined with foil and mylar. You could chop some of that up for the job.
Just handle the PSU by the edges if you aren't certain its fully discharged. Apple don't warn us engineers about them, so I guess they aren't that dangerous. Not like the original iMac......(CRT)
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/21/07 09:03 PM

Why not buy tower parts and build a tower and sell off the imac.  Your outcome will be alot better.
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/22/07 12:17 AM

I'm for the idea.  The whole point is to mod, no?

Personally, I would find something old as a case instead.  Go to an antique store, thrift store, or garage sale.  Find something that looks good that you can dremel into.  Just put the parts in there and scrap the tower.  If you want expandability, just make sure whatever you put into it is big enough for it.
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Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/22/07 02:49 PM

use an old 40's or 50's bakelite radio that woud be really kool
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 09/28/07 02:30 AM

This mod would be a total rebuild.

A. use a atx power supply but will need major rewiring.
B. Use the un-shielded power supply.

The case it self will need a lot of work like fabercating new mounts for the logicboard and rewire the front panel. Also will need to solder extensions to the USB, Firewire and video so they will reach the slots on the case.

It can be done but it will be a lot of work. Still it would be cheaper then a new mac yes but isn't all that worth it.
Posted by: monkeybubble

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 10/02/07 12:01 AM

i like the plan if you have the money to mod a newish mac go for it ( i generally stick to g4's lol) i would pick up a g4 powermac case for it personally but i suppose thats a bit boring lol.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Imac C2D Mod - 10/02/07 12:58 AM

Heck, use a G5 case since the iMac is a G5.