Quickmod: Cooling a 3.5" Drive BAy

Posted by: mordaskyt

Quickmod: Cooling a 3.5" Drive BAy - 05/23/07 03:37 PM

When I was setting up my Quicksilver G4 I decided to make use of the 3.5" bay to hold the main (Boot) hard drive. Now that both floppies and even the venerable zip drive have gone the way of the dinosaur it seemed like a great use for an otherwise unused bay. The only problem is the tiny enclosed space is hardly the ideal environment for a hard drive. The drive temp shot up to 50C after a short time, and it was only spinning MP3s! So my idea was a quick and easy conversion of this bay for hard disk use.

The quicksilver bay separates into two halves, the 5.25 and 3.5 bays respectively.  It is a simple matter of flipping the 3.5" bay over so the bottom is open. It now forms a nice airy space rather than an enclosed one. A few quick cuts with the dremmel is all it takes to make it fit like it was designed that way. I added a HD cooling fan to the bottom and the difference is quite dramatic, with the temp plunging from 50 to 30! Shazaam!
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Re: Quickmod: Cooling a 3.5" Drive BAy - 05/23/07 04:11 PM

cool stuff that you've done..
looks very clean and good...

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Re: Quickmod: Cooling a 3.5" Drive BAy - 05/23/07 07:22 PM

Now its been playing music all day and has yet to climb above 29. In contrast a second drive sitting idle and uncooled in the bottom bay is reading 38