paint stripper?

Posted by: cooler_king1984

paint stripper? - 05/11/07 05:05 PM

hi there guys after seeing some photos in the gallery i have been inspired to do a few case mods! namely a respay, preferably from the inside out!

so...........  how do i strip the paint off? and does the apple logo come out fairly easy?

and on another note, is there any macmod desktops or stickers?????
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Re: paint stripper? - 05/11/07 05:53 PM

hey.. i ve you got a PowerMac G4 you have to put the sidePanels in alcool(about 95%)..
about one day in alcool and then rubber the paint off..

for the ll have to take a VERY tiny card or something like that and then stick it between the apple logo and it should pop-off..

so far

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Re: paint stripper? - 05/11/07 06:00 PM

hi there, yeah, i have a g4 agp that i am wanting to mod!  hmm, soaking in alcohol.....doh!

i have bought a spare side panel to try it on and see if i get the technique right first before i strip my mac and make a hash of it!
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Re: paint stripper? - 05/11/07 06:23 PM


very good decision..
now my mod is finished for now...but it never will STOP..
so some pics in the MY TWO MODS post..

please take a look thanx

Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: paint stripper? - 05/11/07 11:31 PM

If you have a aul you can push it though a small hole on the back of the panel and the Apple logo should come up enough and you can use your fingers to pull the rest off.

Do not use a abrasive object to take the paint off. All it will do is scratch the panel and the lose paint will go into the scratch. Then the scratch will close up when you keep using the abrasive object. Use paint thinner and a terry cloth. It's abrasive but not enough to make paint go inside the panel.  To get in the hard to reach corners use a razor blade or a pick and ever so gently and remove the paint. If it scratches then some simple car glaze swirl polish will cover it up.

If you want to go all diehard on it you could let it soak in paint thinner then wetsand it with 600 grit then move to 1000 grit and finishing it off with 2000 grit then polish it. Same trick works with plastic car headlights.
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Re: paint stripper? - 05/12/07 10:05 AM

cheers for that, i shall go and get some paint thinners to try it!  havent decided on the colour yet????  may do it black and leave the apple logo the blue colour and then put blue leds inside?????  ;-)
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Re: paint stripper? - 05/12/07 10:25 AM


but pay attention..cause when you use some thinner or could blur the please be careful and try it on a corner of the sidePanel or so..

i have painted my G3 on the outisde..but the inside couldnt be done transparent..yours can be done you also could paint it inside..


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Re: paint stripper? - 05/12/07 03:21 PM

it is transparant yes! i have just tried white spirit but with no joy, will have to buy some thinners instead!  ;-)
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Re: paint stripper? - 05/12/07 03:51 PM

i am working on my begins good so far..