Slick Mod

Posted by: whitlock

Slick Mod - 05/09/07 06:54 PM

I saw this mod on bit-tech and figured I'd share it.  It would be great to see more mods like this for Mac's.
Posted by: WOOKIE1212

Re: Slick Mod - 05/09/07 07:19 PM

hey i know these mods..very cool done...

i would never give my case away for something like that..i love PowerMac G3 bw G4 Cases ..

Posted by: manhackman

Re: Slick Mod - 05/09/07 09:12 PM

it is truly unreal...
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Slick Mod - 05/10/07 12:30 AM

Thats nothing compared to this.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: Slick Mod - 05/10/07 03:28 AM

geez!  my carpal tunnel started back up after that scrolling excursion...
Posted by: manhackman

Re: Slick Mod - 05/10/07 03:58 AM

Originally Posted By: "TCPMeta "

Its a matter of taste... I commend the doom box for truly incredible work, and a much more informative description of the process (a lot of stuff will help me in my next projects) BUT>>> I've always loved Big Daddy Roth and would much rather have it.  I just wish the actually had it pin striped.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Slick Mod - 05/10/07 12:43 PM

I've been thinking to make a computer case to look like a 4 cylinder engine like this.

That link is to a V8 but a inline 4 cylinder would be idea for a single computer case.
I would have more detail like make the power supply look a distributor and have the cables from the power supply look like spark plug wires going though the valve cover into the case. For the intake manifold It could be a water tank for a water cooler. Use the same spots where the PCV valves go for the water line for the CPU and have a ram air intake on the manifold to house the radiator for the water cooler. Put the water pump for the cooler where the water pump of a car would be located. Take two 80mm fans and cut off the blades and use a belt to move around. Maybe 3 fans and make a fake alternator. Also I can make it look like it's carb instead of EFI and have the radiator to look like the carburetor.

So many ideas to make a computer case to look like a engine.