G4 Transplant Upgrade

Posted by: jstewie

G4 Transplant Upgrade - 04/18/07 12:37 PM

I was wondering if I could buy a Gigabit logic board and matching power supply and if it would fit physically in my Sawtooth case. I'm looking at the Gigabit Logic because of its faster AGP Slot and Dual Processor capatibaly unlike my Uni3 sawtooth. Also if anybody here on this board has these two things fell free to contact me, I would be willing to work out a deal. Thanks
Posted by: maestro

Re: G4 Transplant Upgrade - 04/18/07 01:19 PM

As far as I can think, it should slide right in.  If not, it may just take some smaller modifications.  Dual processors are nice, but you may find that putting that money towards a single G4 upgrade for your Sawtooth would be more economical.  You could just sell your G4 and buy a newer version too.  The GE G4 motherboard, cpu and power supply would be pretty expensive...more in fact that just buying the whole Mac!
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: G4 Transplant Upgrade - 04/18/07 02:32 PM

The mounts are a bit different in a few spots but most of it is the same. Just take electrical tape and put it on the mounts that doesn't match up. There should be enough mounts to hold the logicboard in place with out needing to add more. I also think the connections where the peripherals plug up have a bit different layout.