First post, my PowerMac

Posted by: iBeldar4214

First post, my PowerMac - 04/07/07 04:12 AM

This is my PowerMac G4 Digital Audio.  533MHZ G4, 896MB RAM, GeForce 2, 40GB and 80GB, MadDog Dual Layer DVD Burner, OSX 10.4.9.  She still flies, but I'm about to order a 1.6GHZ upgrade from PowerLogix Monday.  For now, its just...  white.  I will probably end up clearing out the sides and painting the backside black.  Then paint the rest black, and just have a blacked out machine.  That laptop over there is my iBook G3.  500MHZ, 256MB, 10GB, DVD, 10.3.9.  Nothing special, just a machine I use for school. 

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Re: First post, my PowerMac - 04/18/07 01:23 PM

Welcome to Macmod.  G4 DAs are a great starting point for building a killer Mac.  If I may suggest, your next step should be a newer video card.  That will get you access to more software, more OSX features and generally better performance.

By the way, I cannot see your photo.  It may be my aging Powerbook, but if not, check the forum sections on posting photos.  If you still have trouble, feel free to ask for help.
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Re: First post, my PowerMac - 04/18/07 02:29 PM

Give that sucker more memory and toss on Tiger and that will be a tight system.
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Re: First post, my PowerMac - 04/19/07 02:10 AM

It does have Tiger on it and its pretty quick.  Maybe a new video card would be better, im sure I'll get that next. 
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Re: First post, my PowerMac - 04/19/07 02:17 AM

Ah, a Sun monitor, cool!  Paintwork looks good too.  One more thing...a processor upgrade would do wonders, more so than even ram as you have a pretty good amount (never enough really, until you max it :)).  You can probably find some processors used on ebay for a decent price.  What out for the price gougers, if you wait and look hard enough you will find a great deal.

By the way, Im on my wife's QS Powermac and I see your pics!  She also has the lowly GF2 which will be changed very soon.