Cool idea gone wrong.

Posted by: TCPMeta

Cool idea gone wrong. - 12/15/06 05:08 AM

Well I had a pretty neat setup for my dual sawtooths but I found a flaw in the case setup. The case itself is a old stereo shelf unit with a glass door and a glass top. The problem im facing is I have to keep the door open or the system starts to overheat. Doing this makes the glass door a target for breaking and also it heats up the room like heck.

I ordered two cheapo yet very nice looking ATX cases for 40 bucks, 10 per case and 20 for shipping. I'm going to cobined the cases together. Cut out the bottom off of one and remove the top on the other. Then i'll use some rubber and pop rivits to hold them. I may have to build some feet for the case also so it doesn't become top heavy. Might also use some fiberglass on the front to close up the seem here the two cases connect. I'll find out when I get that far.

Can't wait for next week when they get here  smile
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Cool idea gone wrong. - 12/23/06 03:29 PM

I got my cases in today. I'm mad as heck too. One of the cases has a screwed up front panel and the cath lights on the sides don't light up. I'm going to have to re-wire the lights and fix the cracks with fiber glass. Too bad too because I didn't really want to repaint the cases.