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folding mod - 11/26/06 04:31 PM

Here is a pick of my progress which was to be my MacWorld mod.  I have decided to make it a dedicated server and gene folder for folding@home.  This is a picture of the front with DVDr, fan control and 7" ws lcd.  The lcd will show the proteins as they are folding.  The innards are going to be a pc for folding cuz there is more power for less money.  The server part will be for back up and sending media to my xbox 360 via Connect360 running OSX tiger server.  I am going to use an older mac mini for the server part and some fw 400 drives.

Ill post some more pics this week.
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Re: folding mod - 12/10/06 01:37 PM

It is a live!!!!

That's pretty cool.
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Re: folding mod - 12/14/06 04:06 AM

My work log is on WizD forums.  Its slow going on the write ups, but the work continues!  I know its not a Mac Mod anymore but if its okay, I will continue to post progress.  Heres some more pics!

Macs are great folders too!  My MDD Killer Bee mod folds 2x proteins 24/7.  Start folding today!
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Re: folding mod - 12/14/06 04:10 AM

Some more pics for ya.
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Re: folding mod - 12/14/06 05:01 AM

How I see it is since Apple switched to intel based CPUs then Apple and PC users should get along and shouldn't have to care about what hardware is what.

Looking good man, keep us up to date on this please.
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Re: folding mod - 12/14/06 02:35 PM

Thanks.  I think the issue is what OS is used to be honest.  I dont like Windoze which is why I dont build many pcs.  More than likely I will run some Linux on it.  Thats a whole nother forun topic.
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Re: folding mod - 12/15/06 04:31 PM

Originally Posted By: "maestro "

More than likely I will run some Linux on it.

I think we can live with that laugh
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Re: folding mod - 12/16/06 04:51 AM

If it's a OS issue then why was everyone trying to install XP onto their new macs a few months back?

Hurray Linux! Boo Windows!
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Re: folding mod - 12/16/06 02:27 PM

You Can install osx on it.
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Re: folding mod - 01/19/07 10:37 PM

Tayklor-Yeah I could install OSX on it, but it wont run like it does on a Mac which just isn't good enough, besides Winblows has a better F@H interface.

Here is a small update on the mod.  It is up and running, yet aesthetically unfinished and I have yet to afford the x1900 which will be coming very soon.  F@H is running on the 2.6 CeleronD @ 3.46ghz.  No reason to keep from folding while I work on it.  Here are two pics through the small window I made so you can see the UV working!

I may just get a Mini in there yet!  I had a deal on one for only 150 bucks, but it fell through. :'(
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Re: folding mod - 01/19/07 10:41 PM

Damn, I uploaded the wrong pics!  Anyway, here are the correct pics (after the orange was added).

I was unable to delete the pics moderator....feel free to delete the pics in the last post.
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Re: folding mod - 01/20/07 09:50 PM

Here is an update shot of the internals.  You can see that I have used several Mac parts-G5 hd cage, G4 MDD optical cage, the superdrive is even from my old MDD.  Sure it will get some more grooming inside but this is a build on the cheap and I will mostly focus on the lower section where the window is.

I will be airbrushing soon, stay tunned.  Oh and there is some room in the top for a mini...
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Re: folding mod - 01/20/07 11:01 PM

It looks pretty sweet with the UV paints - nicely done in there
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Re: folding mod - 01/21/07 02:02 PM

The ricer of PCs lol j/k

Looks sweet man, Add dexcool antifreeze. That way the water tubes will glow as well.
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Re: folding mod - 01/21/07 02:24 PM

Oh, heres a few pix of my ricer PC lol.
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Re: folding mod - 01/21/07 10:00 PM

Thanks guys.  Yeah, I plan to change the coolant-still trying to decide what color.  Any suggestions appreciated.

Nice PC, can you take so higher res pics?
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Re: folding mod - 01/22/07 01:48 PM

Sadly all of my digital cameras are crappy, So far the best cam I have at the moment is my cell phone.

I need to get some wire mesh to make a grill for the front of the case to cover up that fan. Also I need to change out the blue to red and paint the power supply case. Also invest in some round IDE cables. I've had this case since 1997 and has been though a lot.

Your system still looks 10 times better then mine.
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Re: folding mod - 03/26/07 02:58 AM

Heres my Seti@Home system.

Now before anyone makes fun of the turkey baster I used it for injecting the coolant into my water cooler.
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Re: folding mod - 04/16/07 09:20 AM

What type of screen are you using that fits in a 5.25" bay?  Additionally, any advice on where to get such a screen?
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Re: folding mod - 04/16/07 01:08 PM

Its a seven inch portable TV, widescreen that my wife picked up for me somewhere.  Its a tight squeeze.  I know a lot of people use the portable PSone screens quite a bit.  As long a the pcb board that attaches to the LCD isnt bigger than the opening, 7" should match a 5.25 bay.  One thing you may have to mod is the connections.  Mine were on the sides of the PCB and stuck out of the side of the case.  I had to change the to run on the back of the board.
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Re: folding mod - 04/17/07 01:11 PM

I got a 10inch LCD I want to put inside of my Gaming system. Too bad it's too big to be on the front.