1st mod

Posted by: wisdom_105

1st mod - 11/22/06 10:14 PM

hey i want to start my 1st mod , so its my 18th bday on sunday and my iMac G5 is back soon from logicboard repairs , i want to start my new mod soon since i have money for my bday ,

i was thinking of tryin to make my own portable ether out of a old mac mini or a g4 cube , but there loads of  questions to ask

1. would it be possible to do ?

2. how hard?

3. if that isn't possible or to hard has any one got any ideas that might be easyier to start me off?

i 1st thought of geting an old computer and just upgrading itand fiting it in to a new case or whatever but the point is that i would have nothing to do with it after coz most of my work and tasks are well done on my iMac and i ain' really keen on modding my iMac lol

anyway sorry for going on just i am keen for starting a project on the side of my college and work ?

any help i am greatful of

thanks for your time

Posted by: godicm

Re: 1st mod - 11/22/06 11:02 PM

welcome to macmod then...

i had such an thing in mind myself a year ago. wanted to pack a G4 into a little suitcase with a TFT built in the lid. had made some plans already and i know it would have worked. but i was too damn lazy to actually do it...

i think this wouldn't have been much more difficult than fitting a Powermac in a drawer or the like...
and could be powered by a car battery (so much for portability)

but i wouldnt go for the cube. it is a very tight packed masterpiece already. could turn out being difficult to get it into in any different shape than a cube wink

Posted by: mordaskyt

Re: 1st mod - 11/23/06 02:06 AM

The mac mini is a good idea and has been done successfully before. Check this out:

Posted by: wisdom_105

Re: 1st mod - 11/23/06 03:46 PM

hey thanks for the sugest and i think i will try it one day but i think i am just going to get an old ibook and maybe paint it or upgrade it just to start off abit easyer

anyone no of any places that sell cheap second ibooks but i live in the uk and everywhere i have tried there like 200 i am sure i have seen them cheaper on somewhere ad i thought about ebay but it can be dodge.

thanks for your time

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: 1st mod - 11/23/06 10:26 PM

Used Macs with guarantees in the UK tend to be wildly overpriced. Unfortunately Mac dealers have long become accustomed to charging silly prices for used Macs.
Buying a used iBook is a lottery with or without a warranty. The logic boards tend to go alot.
Posted by: wisdom_105

Re: 1st mod - 11/28/06 10:55 PM

i decided to get a powerbook pismo 400 firewire for 250 thats not to bad for the uk but thanks for ur time and help
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re: 1st mod - 11/29/06 05:05 PM

good choice. The Pismo is way better than an early ibook. Lots of potential. Have fun and enjoy.