PC in G3 case

Posted by: Ganev

PC in G3 case - 10/13/06 02:34 PM

Hello guys.Im new in this forumand i want to ask some questions.I have 2 Mac g3 but one of them is already death and i wonder if i can put my pc into his case???i look the mod in the web but i cant see it good on the pics.So my pc mainboard is different from the macs with 5/7 milimeters in both directions and the slots doesnt
fits also cant shut it because of the ram and other stuff.Can you help me???THANK S A LOT frown
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: PC in G3 case - 10/25/06 01:40 AM

A lot of people have done this mod. I even done it with a sawtooth case. Just one thing though. You can't use a Full size / Mid size ATX motherboard. Or you'll run into the same problems that you are facing. There are two things you can do. 1 Get a MicroATX or ITX motherboard. 2 Pull out the drill and drill out the rivits on the middle shelf and remove the middle shelf and take out the card slot bracket.

If you remove the middle shelf you might still not beable to close it due to the power supply unless you get a small power supply that is used in some older compaq systems or relocate the power supply onto the door that holds the motherboard.

For the record you can't use the power supply that went to the G3 unless you rewire a few things.

Really and truely you're just going to give yourself a headacke with this mod.
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Re: PC in G3 case - 11/27/06 10:07 AM

I did this mod: the BnW G3 -> PC conversion.  The PSU is not compatible, but is a standard mount so a straight swap all thats nesecary.  Mounting the correct motherboard studs was the only tricky bit smile

Check out the demo of C3 (G3 with a celeron brain smile ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-KLXLjLaJU

If you like that mod, check my newest one! http://digg.com/mods/Fake_iMac_made_from_Apple_Studio_Display_monitor_case_and_a_mini_ITX_mb
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Re: PC in G3 case - 11/30/06 05:16 AM

I'm thinking to try this myself since I have two extra quicksilver cases. If I do it I should take it up to bestbuy and get the geek squad to look at it and hear then say "this is a mac, we don;t deal with macs." Then open it up and see the weird look on their faces.

It's fun messing with the geek squad.