My new G4 MDD

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My new G4 MDD - 09/25/06 11:23 PM

I've got a new Mac! plans with it are to build a mac pro stile case out of perforated aluminum and dark tinted acrylic. But first will be the AGP card Im thinking a 7800 GS with dual DVI. It will also be getting water cooled once it goes throught the case move. Here it is so far.

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Re: My new G4 MDD - 09/29/06 04:45 PM

Cool.  Is that Mustaine in your Avatar?  Nice.  I tried a h2o setup on my MDD and it did not post better temps in a atx case.  You may want to reconsider that.  It was a WaterChill setup with 120mm rad and 1/2 tubing.  Check out how I cooled the copper sink in my Killer Bee was much more effective.
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/05/07 09:16 AM

So I have done more to my wonderful MDD! First there was the dual 250 GB SATA drives I got for christmas! Then I got ahold of a FireGL X3 for a great deal I could not let myself pass by and thanks to Strangedogs & Auquamac I found a reduced ROM for it until I get the new eprom in the mail. I also out the DVD burner with light-scribe on the ATA 66 channel that made it so movies wouldn't get choppy when ripping a DVD. Then  I noticed that with the X3 temps jumped up 7 degrees so I installed two 50 mm case fans between the case and the CPU heat-sink which have helped a little luckily they didn't make it too much louder. Hears some pics of what I've done so far and there is much more to be done!

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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/05/07 10:24 PM

I'm still tying to find a way to water cool my system correctly. I got it only yo drop to 80*F but early in the morning the CPU is at 60*F. I have a all in one cooler from evercool and a water tank from Thermaltake. I had a radiator in it but come to find out the copper tubing was just glued together and leaked so I got rid of it. I'm thinking to rebuild the radiator and use sodier.

Anyway good luck on your mod man.
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/05/07 11:05 PM

WOW you get it near 80F I idle around 115F! I think your doing a pretty good job of keeping that thing cool.
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/06/07 03:44 AM

welcome to the MDD club  smile
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/06/07 01:38 PM

my mdd idles around 90F.  I run the CHUD developer tools and enable NAP mode which sleeps the unused parts of the cpu when not used.  it doesn't reduce performance at all.

I also replaced all the stock fans (even the 2x60mm in the power supply) with higher airflow fans that are also less noisy.

I idle around 90f and even under full load I only hit around 118f

CHUD works and it will lower your hydro consumption.
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/06/07 10:14 PM

Cool, looks good.  Love the vid card mod.  You can fit 70mm thick fans behind that heatsink on your cpu.  That would help temps.  Mine will run up to 50C (dont know what that is in F) in the Killer Bee mod with 2 instances of Folding@Home.  It is near silent though, much quieter than the QS I am using right now.  Now you need to start modding that case!
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/07/07 05:01 AM

Yea right now I haven't seen this thing reach 50 C in the past week since I have done this. Im not sure If I want to mod the case. I have been brushing up on working with acrylic and I'm going to learn how to weld from a friend so maybe Ill make a acrylic steel case not too sure right now. But I have just set my eye on a Xserve G4 motherboard they seem to have come down in price quite a bit. It seems it could become quite an interesting mod perhaps make it look like a  modern IIvx if apple had a desktop now, I see many possibilities with that board.
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/08/07 01:17 PM

no one has anything to say about CHUD?

an mdd owner without CHUD is a sad thing..
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/08/07 02:36 PM

I have CHUD installed on my PowerBook G4. It makes the fan come on alot more than it used to.
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Re: My new G4 MDD - 04/08/07 10:28 PM

I have been using CHUD even before I got the MDD. I used CHUD on my sawtooth when I got the OWC 1.2 Ghz upgrade. it helps quite a bit with temps. I also use aquamac's apple script in my start-up items to start turn on nap at start up.