G4 PVR finished

Posted by: piakothewise

G4 PVR finished - 09/03/06 01:58 AM



__ 2 WD800JD Raid 1 boot
__ 2 WD2500KS Raid 0 scratch
__ 512 MB PC-100 2-2-2


__ Stock G4 400 MHz @ 400 MHz


__ ATI Radeon 9000 (64 MB version)


__ PC Power & Cooling Silencer 470

PCI Cards

__ Firmtek Seritek 1v4
__ Miglia AlchemyTV DVR


__ BenQ 1650v DVD-ROM


__ Silverstone Temjin 7 chassis
__ Scythe Kama Bay
__ Sunbeamtech.com Chromatic Windmill (fanbus)
__ Sawtooth motherboard, 64/33, 100 mhz bus

comment: This is pretty much how it looks now. I decided the top and rear fans weren't really needed. The intake and the 80mm on the heatsink keep the cpu temp below 38 C

comment: Here you can see the zip tie fan thing. Works fine. The 9800 is back in the v2000. Dropped the 9000 in the tj07. Firmtek and miglia cards. Most of the loose wires are cleaned up now.

comment: The right cage has two disks for the TV captures. Used the pcpc psu I had laying around. You can see the boot switch ends.

comment: Back of the fanbus and kama bay. The scythe fan is pretty quiet. Odd as it doesn't top 900 rpm. The fanbus alarms b/c it is so slow it thinks it's disconnected. Run it at full speed and you'll have no prob. with the windmill. You can see the temp probe.

comment: As promised, the start switch on a pci bay cover. All systems should be like this.

comment: big bro, little bro

comment: front

comment: back


Pretty easy to build. It was made out of just old stuff lying around. I use it to record NTSC at 320x240 using the 3ivx video codec and Titantv.com for scheduling. Forget what the audio is at. Funny thing is the 400 MHz G4 with the Miglia tuner can record 30 FPS no problem using the 3ivx codec. It scales very well!

I was able to get OS X below 100 MB of RAM so I'm kind of proud about that. Here's a pic to confirm.

This will prob. be the last G4 I'll build for myself. I'm probably going to be going with Infrant NAS in the future and mac minis on a KVM. I'll probably pick up a Xserve G5 in the future if they are below $1000.

I enjoyed building this computer. I had a few setbacks such as parts being damaged in the mail. Overall this will work as a PVR for many years. I'll use my 1 TiB raid 5 for backup. Titantv is pretty sweet. All you need to do is select a program and hit record to schedule.

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