G5 PowerSupply

Posted by: jahue

G5 PowerSupply - 07/24/06 11:05 PM

Does anyone know if the G5 power supply will power up the agp g4 mother board?

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: G5 PowerSupply - 08/05/06 04:15 PM

Can't say I've tried it, but I would hazard a guess at "absolutely not".
If you need a sawtooth PSU, you can mod one from an ATX PSU. ATX PSUs should come in thinner, smaller boxes designed for use in servers.

Posted by: RedDrag0n

Re: G5 PowerSupply - 09/11/06 08:51 AM

I have gone down that road for trying to figure out specs and such for the early G5 PS. All i can tell you is be careful. The early ones ie 450W to 600W might work. The later ones ie 700W to 1000W on't work ue to the fact of a different PS to motherboard contact. Here is a link you can check out for more info.