Make A Shiny G3 B&W

Posted by: iBookdude458

Make A Shiny G3 B&W - 06/27/06 09:15 PM

i want to make my G3 B&W case shiny like a g4. how should i do it. I think that i should use very fine grit sand paper to san of the opacity of the sides and handles and spray it down with transparent gloss paint
Posted by: mordaskyt

Make A Shiny G3 B&W - 06/28/06 02:25 AM

The G4 sawtooth panels can be swapped onto a smurf, not as much fun but it would work. The smurf plastics are a semi opaque plastic while the sawtooth used a clear acrylic with the inside painted to achieve its look.
Posted by: modyourmac

Make A Shiny G3 B&W - 06/28/06 02:49 AM

Mordasky's right. Unfortunately. The plastics on the B&W are a different composition of plastic than the latter G4's which were a clear polycarbonate.

Now, if you wanna shine those plastics as much as possible (which may not be much) go after them with a 1500 and a 2000 grit sand paper. then, if you have the ability, a buffer and some turtle wax brand rubbing and/or polishing compound. All can be found at the local auto parts store, should you decide to go after it smile
Posted by: zenstate

Make A Shiny G3 B&W - 06/29/06 05:57 AM

yes, very fine sandpaper and some sort of polish will work. this is the same thing many do to take scratches out of ipods and/or to make them more shiny.