Having trouble finding MDD fan size information.

Posted by: waamatt

Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/15/06 06:58 PM

I am having the hardest time finding the sizes of the various fans in the MDD. I may have to just shut down, pull out the power cable, take some of it apart and measure it all myself!

Does anyone have any info on this matter? I'm really looking for the Widght, Height and Depth of the fans (main fan, optical drive fan, and power supply fans).

I guess knowing their air flow and noise ratings would be good too. I'll see what info I can gather about the brands of fans currently in my MDD G4.

Thanks in advance!
Posted by: RedDrag0n

Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/16/06 12:17 AM

here are the actual fan info from someone who has a Dual 1.25 MDD
Papst 4212H 120x120x38mm - 3400rpm / 108CFM @ 49dB
Acbel power supply fans (x2) Minebea 2410ML-04W-B60 60x60x25mm - 5300rpm / 25CFM @ 38dB
I have read that Apple has also used Delta AFB0612EH - 6800rpm / 38 CFM @ 47 dBA. I think these were used in the very first MDD's that everyone complained about and Apple subsequently started the power supply exchange program that offered both AcBel (newer version - possibly like the one in my 2003 MDD) and Samsung power supplies.
Optical drive fan is a Delta AFB0612HHB 60x60x15 - 4500rpm / 17.3CFM @ 35dB
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/16/06 04:35 PM

I'll repost what you wrote before editing just for the concise measurements info, with corrections based on your edited post:

mdd main delta fan...

optical fan...
i do believe it a 60x60x15

PSU fans...

I have the Acbel power supply, by the way. So, I guess I'll for fans with lower dB ratings since I'll be adding more fans (with low dB ratings) to compensate for the reduced CFM overall...
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/16/06 04:51 PM

the main reason why i redid the info was because what i originally posted was only a guestimate. The later revision is the correct info from someone who actually has an MDD.
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/16/06 05:38 PM

By the way, here's what I'm looking at for getting two fans hooked up for each of the ATA66 power connections:
It's a 4-pin to split 3-pin cable. I don't know the length, so I might buy some kind of extension just in case I want to throw some fans in the bottom of the front of the case.

Based on this article: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/mdd_cooling_mods/MDD_cooling_mods3.html
I might get this: http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/fhc-350-gn-42.html and take out the fans (it's $5!!!) and put in some I can trust will be quiet. For the foam around the unit, like the XLR8YourMac article shows, I guess I can go buy some and cut it to size or whatever. I think the clearance issue the author is worried about won't be an issue for me since I don't have any HDDs in the ATA66 bays. Why would I do this? To cool the top of the heatsink.

I'lll also be getting a BFG GeForce 6600GT soon (to flash, etc). While I'm not worried about its cooling at the moment, I am concerned about connecting it. Most of these newer cards need an extra power connection. Is it 3-pin or 4-pin? I have a free lead from the second optical drive bay. Would it be safe to split that one to throw an etxra fan up where the speaker is (ie, I will be removing the speaker and mounting it into the top of the case)? If so, I'll need one more 4-pin to split 3-pin power cable.

Do all DDR RAM heat spreaders fit the same? (Speaking of RAM, the 6600GT better not encroach on my RAM slots or I'll need to buy RAM again!!!)

Now on to fans (still from http://www.svc.com):
1. Main fan:
http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/kd1212pmb1-86.html - Not too loud but not too weak. I could alternatively go for something in the 38dB range that pushes a little less air. A couple of the Panaflo ones mention that they should be plugged directly into the PSU rather than through a 3-pin connector on the mobo. Hmm. Guess I don't want to use those!

2. PSU Fans:
Here, because I'd be adding 4-5 more fans in the system, I figured I'd go for them all being the same and that they'd then be nice and quiet. So, how about http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/60vanstealfa.html? It's so tempting, but at only 12CFM, it's hard to justify. The last thing I want is heating issues! The next option might be http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/fan-al6025.html - good air flow, and 10dB lower than the fans Red mentions. That super queit one would be cool for the speaker hole fan mod.

3. Optical Drive Fan:
I may remove my second hard drive (I really wish my main one had a temp sensor, and I should've thought about that before I bought it) and add some kind of hard drive cooling unit to my main HDD, so I figure with less heat in that area of the case, the weaker fan by the optical drive might not be so bad.

Do any optical drives these days come with temp sensors?

SVC has all sorts of RAM heat spreaders:
http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/memmodheatsp.html, and I don't know what's what in that department. Is copper better than aluminum or vice versa? Will they fit on the RAM used in a MDD?

I can't find Verax fans in the US but I hear lots of good things about them. Oh, well! Even a slight reduction in noise at this point will make me very happy. I also have a copper heatsink (if it doesn't actually fit onto a FW400 MDD, I'm going to cry) to replace my current aluminum heatsink with. Maybe after all this my CPU temperature will drop below 55C!!!

OK. Well, I better stop now. My big post habits can get out of control!
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/17/06 04:45 PM

A few quick bits of info more:
Looking at this for a PCI slot cooler (assuming it doesn't need to hook up to a free power lead and gets all its juice from the slot!): http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/hb-sc70.html

I may get some of those vibration/noise reducer bracket thingies for my main hard drive if they'll fit. I'm also considering removing the second (originally stock) HDD as it is completely unused.
Example of HDD sound dampeners: http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/nx-disktwin-blk.html

Also thinking of getting cable wrapping materials, such as: http://svcompucycle.stores.yahoo.net/tfwpt6x5.html

Is it possible to replace the IDE/ATA cables with rounded cables? It seems like the power and data cables (data being a flat ribbon currently) are connected or something. Maybe it just looks that way.

Again, thanks for any info!
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/17/06 06:12 PM

IDE drives all use ribbon cables for data and 4 pin Molex connectors for power. The Molex cables are hardwired into your PSU, but you ought to be OK to replace the data cables with rounded ones. There was at least one of the PowerMacs which did have something slightly odd about its data cables. I think there was a deliberate hole in one line somewhere. Most however are fine with any old Master/Slave or Master only cable. My MDD has at least one ATA cable which came from elswhere. Probably a PC.
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/17/06 06:32 PM

I keep double posting. Something sketchy is going on.
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/18/06 12:17 AM

Otherwise, most of my planned purchases look OK?
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/21/06 01:43 AM

May I suggest you read my mod guides on the mdd G4. Overtime I replaced all of the fans and then the case and at this time it is as cool as it can get. Yes, it is cooler than h20! I had a system on it and it proved to be no cooler and it was noisier too. May I suggest Panaflos in the Low range. I used Sunons for my psu. Good luck.
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Having trouble finding MDD fan size information. - 06/21/06 03:20 PM

Hey, thanks, maestro! Time to go read...