Sawtooth underglow

Posted by: RedDrag0n

Sawtooth underglow - 05/08/06 01:59 PM

My next door neighbor bought a 4 wheel quad, and after ripping it apart, he gave me a set of LED lights that came off of it. So after doing some research on what the lights were, i figured i would spice up my sawtooth a little. The LED lights are 6 (3 across in 2 rows) and they hook up via 12 volt. he gave me the LED's, the fuses and all the wiring for them. So, i decided to start the mod.

Here i double sided taped them to the bottom of my case, and zap strapped the wires so they go into the bottom of my case nicely.

After rerouting the wires so they go to the top of my tower, i stripped the wires so that they show the red and black wires.

Here are some of the wires and the endcap that i will be using for this mod.

Here i attached the end caps for the fuses so that if there is a surge of power, i blow the fuses first and not the LED's.

Here is a shot of the other end caps for the fuses completed.

Here is a shot of the fuses together and ready for the end power plug.

I used the end plug from an old PC motherboard and filed it down so that it would mate up with the 4 plug 12v that sits above my power supply. I also hot glued the wires to the plug so that i wouldn't cause a short anywhere. The hot glue is rubber, so no conductors.

Here is a shot of everything put together and ready for the covers to be put on. I like how this looks so neat and tidy.

After puttung the case handles and case side back on, this is how the computer looks in the dark turned off.

Here is what the computer looks like after it comes to life and the lights turn on.

Altold, this mod took me about 30 min to complete. Now i have a pimped out computer with car underglows.
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Sawtooth underglow - 05/08/06 03:13 PM

looks great!
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Sawtooth underglow - 05/08/06 06:44 PM

Wow, very cool. I love tasteful lights. Well done!
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Sawtooth underglow - 05/10/06 12:07 AM

Ah!!! Mine eyes!!!
Posted by: RedDrag0n

Sawtooth underglow - 05/10/06 10:53 PM

Originally Posted By: "JediJoker7169"
Ah!!! Mine eyes!!!

then close them
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Sawtooth underglow - 05/11/06 10:06 PM

Originally Posted By: "RedDrag0n"
then close them

LOL... It looks positively awesome, but whether it really is too bright for me or whether it just came out that way in the photos, it made me want to hide in the closet.
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Sawtooth underglow - 06/30/06 08:27 PM

heheh very good RedDragon

it's my frankenmac G4 dual 800mhz:

I'm Brazilian and don't speak english very well, but in next time i'll put step by step case modding this mac...

So... RedDragon, please... I see, you have Nvidia 6200 card in your mac? can you send me this rom file? I'll try to flahs a NV6200 AGP card (at now only I do in FX5200) to my mail: thanks for your help

best regrards!
Posted by: RedDrag0n

Sawtooth underglow - 06/30/06 09:16 PM

Sorry, I can't. My card was specially made from the people over at strangedogs. You would have to go over to their website and talk to some of the people there about your 6200. I will not give out the rom. It's not my place to do that. If they found out that i did, i would be in big trouble with many people, so your on your own with that one.
Posted by: Rubensx

Sawtooth underglow - 06/30/06 11:13 PM

RedDragon sorry i'm don't know this a strangedog rom.. .i'm in this forum too, but no one can send me that card (maybe afraind of Brazil??? hehehe) but ok! thanks for explain... i'm waiting until someone cam send a flahed card to me here in brazil and acept PAYPAL


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Sawtooth underglow - 07/02/06 02:56 AM

Awsome! looks very cool! Nice work! I love a good light show.
Posted by: RedDrag0n

Sawtooth underglow - 07/02/06 08:36 PM

Thank you. I also have a couple of purple led fans on the top of the case, but i am still waiting for the macmod admins to either verify or post my mod. In the meantime, if you want, i have the mod posted over at the other forums i am a part of.