Extra hard drives in Quicksilver

Posted by: dreamspy

Extra hard drives in Quicksilver - 02/12/06 01:23 AM

I have a dual 1000mhz Quicksilver Powermac, and currently have 3 hard drives in it now. I am wondering how many hard drives I can put in there? Most of my HDD are 200GB WD, and I currently donīt have any extras in the computer other than came with it. I'm adding a USB 2.0 controller soon though which will be used for my ipod.

I'we ordered a "PROMISE SATA300 TX2 PLUS" PCI ide adapter, so ide channels won't be a problem. But I am worried about how much the PSU will take?

Also where can I put extra hard drives in the case? I already have three in the bottom. I think I saw somewhere an ad about some bracket which. Just cant find the ad again.
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Extra hard drives in Quicksilver - 02/12/06 10:15 PM

You should be able to put four in there if you use the cable management bracket to mount one and also put two on the double bracket. The double bracket (buy here if you don't have one) is the one with the side screw holes.
Posted by: maestro

Extra hard drives in Quicksilver - 02/12/06 11:57 PM

The larger more power hungry hard drives out today will tax your psu. The case will hold four, but you will know if they are too much because it will not boot. If you really need the hard drive space, consider going outboard or getting larger drives.