Quicksilver Pc - Different Approach

Posted by: berggrendottk

Quicksilver Pc - Different Approach - 02/10/06 03:31 PM

Hi all!

I just baught a quicksilver case with the intention to put a pc in it (original, i know), but I want to do it with a different approach, instead of mounting the motherboard on the "fall down tray" I want to mount it on the opposit side, just like in atx cases. So my first step as i thought of it would be to completely strip down the case to something like this

Sorry, I stole the image from http://www.gordyhand.co.uk/badapple.htm, hope no one minds.

And to cut away everything on the rear of the case (like pci mounts, psu cutouts etc.) to be able to fit a full atx mobo in there.

If you look at the attatchement, this is how I planed it all, just regular atx placement of things, 1 pixel equals 1 cm, the messurements I used are the outer dimensions of the quicksilver case minus a few cm here and there, and as you can see in the picture there should be some room over.. and if, lets say the dvd overlap the mobo by some cm's that shouldn't be to much of a problem, cause it would sit some cm's over the mobo right?

you can also see how I planned the airflow in the case with 3x 120mm fans and the fans on my graphics-card and my psu (wich also houses a 120mm fan).. (theese nice-looking blue lines is supposed to look like air) =)

So, now to my questions..

Do you think this is at all possible?

Can anyone confirm the inner dimensions of the quiksilver using the messurements on the opposite side of the fall down tray to be something like 42X45 cm (HxW)?

Is the airflow enough for a "hot-as-hell" overclocked prescott and a hot videocard?

Any input appriciated, thanks for a great site!

And oh, just for the record, I do love macs and intend to run Osx86 on this.. so no anti-win flaming ok? =)
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Quicksilver Pc - Different Approach - 02/10/06 06:42 PM

The PowerMac cases are all basically the same case from the Blue & White G3 all the way up to the last MDD G4s, Apple just changed the fans and brackets from model to model.

The MDDs ran two G4 chips which also run pretty warm. The airflow in the dual MDD was definitely important since running with the case open would cause them to overheat pretty swiftly. As to whether its good compared to a P4, I don't really know. But I imagine dual 1.43GHz G4s would produce at least as much as a single P4.

If the air won't do it, you could always look into water.....

Posted by: oojacoboo

Quicksilver Pc - Different Approach - 02/10/06 07:03 PM

I second that, go with watercooling. Although, I think you could probably get by with air on this. O, and welcome to MacMod. Glad to have you on the site.
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Quicksilver Pc - Different Approach - 02/12/06 10:05 PM

Will that full ATX size board really fit in there? I have an empty graphite G4 case, and as far as I can tell, it's just too shor for a full ATX. A -ATX barely fits.