failed at water cooling

Posted by: TCPMeta

failed at water cooling - 01/26/06 10:49 PM

Well im sorry to say but the dream of water cooling the sawtooth has struck a huge problem.
The sawtooth case isn't big enough to house the water cooling kit.I cut the heck out of the case for everything to fit but forgot a major mile stone. The CPU and the DVD+RW are in the way of eachother. Theres no room for the water block. So now im stuck using a ATX case. Next payday I will hunt down a new case for the porject. I remembering seeing a case that looks kinda like the G5 powermacs but with out the mesh on the front.

Right now the sawtooth case is sitting in the garage and the parts sitting next to me in a box. I hate it when I forgot one little detail. Guess now I can use the turn my B&W into a sawtooth colored case from the left over parts. Theres no point for contuning useing the old case since I havn't had a chance to build a drive tray/sled for it.
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/26/06 10:59 PM

Go external with the dvd drive. There is room to do it, its been done. Check out There are a couple of articles on watercooling there.
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 01:54 AM

Firewire exclosers cost too much and USB is too slow.
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 02:16 AM

Is there a way to use another block on there instead of the one you received?
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 02:27 AM

Hey can i have yor plastic case parts from the sawtooth. i wanna make my B&W look got after i convert it to a g4 . PM me asap about this
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 03:11 AM

FW too much? You can get one for 30-40 bucks. The only other choice is an ATX case. Thats not a bad idea either though.

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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 03:04 PM

I ran into a similar problem when I tried to install a sawtooth board in my smurf case, my Dual Optical drive hack was in the way. What about using a laptop optical drive mounted as high up as possible?
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 04:00 PM

Get a slot load notebook optical drive and mount it vertically like the iMac G5. That would be a cool mod on its own.......
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 04:05 PM

What does the water cooling kit consist of, can you modifie the parts or make some new ones. I used a stock kit that i refited with a custom piece that i machined to fit in the zip slot. I know that you might not know how to machine parts but you can probaly get a part made for around 100 dollars. Point me to the kit you have and i will have a look at what can be done
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 04:08 PM


let me know if you need something larger than a G4 case. Like maybe a G5 case. I might be able to hook you up.
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 05:16 PM

TCPMeta wrote:
So now im stuck using a ATX case..

You have a lot of good choices there. Really, the problem with ATX cases is that they look so PCish. However, if you're able to pull off a nice Mac look, that would be great!
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 08:20 PM

I have ordered a G5 case clone for 30 bucks. I can always add a mesh cover to it. I may paint the case black or silver when I get it. The case is red. Right now I have the water cooling kit on my Gaming PC to test it out. Doesn't seem to cool that much. The CPU's temp right now is 76.1*F and before it was at 89.7*F. I'll think about the sawtooth case parts. The only thing that is messed up with the sawtooth case cover is the side panels when I atempted to remove the paint to make them clear.
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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/27/06 08:35 PM

I might be interested in some of the case parts as well. Let us know....

1. Rear panel (Port Cover)
2. Front panel Board (Power switches)

Obviously I would be willing to compensate you for value, shipping, whatever.

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Re:failed at water cooling - 01/29/06 04:10 PM

I have found out something else with the water cooling kit I bought. Since i'm testing it as we speak with a AMD Athlon 64 2800+ at the stock speed of 1.8GHz the CPU gets around 75*F to 76*F and when I play a video game the CPU temp jumps to 80*F to 90*F. Pretty much the same temps I can get with out the water cooler. I have found a little idea fo a external water tank that will help things. A iglo water cooler with ice and water. It's working quite well and there is no condation at all. it has lowered the temp to 46.2*F and with a video game the max temp has risen to 53.7*F. Not as cool as a fridge's temp (40*F to 32*F).