PC ATX carses

Posted by: supersonic

PC ATX carses - 01/07/06 07:42 PM

Depending on what Apple annouces this week, then this may be irrelevant if they
introduce some butt-kicking HTPC system, but if not heres my question...

Has anyone used a PC ATX case to house their old Mac?

I've seen the, rather nice i'll admit, Silverstone branded HTPC cases which i'm planning
on building a media centre with, id rather have a mac whan some PC media centre stuff.

Something like a G4 tower (1.42ghz) board and have a large HD for an ElGato PVR
system, and load if with iTunes, IPhoto and the nice Apps that make the Mac rock
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:PC ATX carses - 01/07/06 09:12 PM

Yes, Macs in ATX cases have been done before now.
Take a look at some of these:



Posted by: maestro

Re:PC ATX carses - 01/07/06 10:10 PM

Many people have used pc atx cases to house mac internals. Its a piece of cake. Usually all it entails is some drilling of a few motherboard mounts. Occasionally, you may end up needing a powersupply extension, but I never have. You can use atx power supplies with many Macs too. It gets very complex with any after the digital audio though so keep that in mind.

Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:PC ATX carses - 01/08/06 01:33 AM

My B&W had a home in a ATX case for a while and it works alright. Just had a problem with the front panel. If I was going to leave it in the ATX case I would or rewired the front panel to work with the LEDs, reset and power buttons.
Posted by: maestro

Re:PC ATX carses - 01/08/06 04:00 AM

I actually dumped the front panels and used the keyboard power button. That loses something, but its easy and works good.