Preliminary Tests: Positive

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Preliminary Tests: Positive - 12/01/05 05:20 PM

So I finally had enough parts of my Xserve to test it to an extent.

Time was short so I neglected to borrow RAM from my MDD or the graphics card from my B&W, but I connected up the PSU, logic board, ATA board, drive interconnect board and front panel board, held down the lock button and punched the power......


Fans and lights everywhere they should be. Its looking good for a firewire boot test in the near future.
Plus a drive module is winging its way.....
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Re:Preliminary Tests: Positive - 12/01/05 05:50 PM

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Re:Preliminary Tests: Positive - 12/02/05 04:35 PM


second test was also perfect. Booted from a firewire drive, using an old RAGE128 Pro mounted vertically in the AGP slot. Ran happily for a few minutes.
Not sure if I mentioned it anywhere or not, but the drive module I bought on eBay comes with the rest of the spare parts kit. My current board is a single 1GHz. The new one is a 1.33.

I need a case for this damn thing.
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Re:Preliminary Tests: Positive - 12/02/05 06:41 PM

gotta find an xserve case