eMac, blue leds

Posted by: griffer

eMac, blue leds - 11/13/05 12:54 PM

I was really bored, so i added some blue leds to my old emac, gives it kinda a "halo" effect. The picture turned out pretty shakey, but i guess you get the idea.

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Posted by: destructospin

Re:eMac, blue leds - 11/13/05 01:04 PM

take the shell off
sand the inside to a nice, non-pattern finish
add some LED's
and you'll have a rad cloudy glow effect!
Posted by: griffer

Re:eMac, blue leds - 11/13/05 01:32 PM

Hehe, sounds like a lot of work, but could be cool... I don't really use it myself anymore, gave it to my brother when i upgraded...

Sadly there aren't much space to work with on a imac.

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