G5 Fans

Posted by: usbcd36

G5 Fans - 10/22/05 01:21 AM

If anyone knows, what are the sizes of the processor and PCI compartment fans? I'd like to possibly mod my G5 (when I manage to acquire one), and I know white CCFL fan grills are difficult to find, especially the ones that are one single ring which does NOT extend outside the fan's area. I believe those 3 fans are the same size, but how big are they?
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:G5 Fans - 10/22/05 03:30 AM

not entirely sure. but my edjumakated guess would be standard 80mm

point and laugh at me if i'm wrong

deviant laugh :blink:
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:G5 Fans - 10/22/05 03:02 PM

Without actually measuring them, I'm as certain as I can be that the two on the pull out bit are 80mm. Not sure about the other one.
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Re:G5 Fans - 10/22/05 04:42 PM

Ok then, does anyone know where it is possible to find 80mm WHITE cold-cathode (must have white CCFL tubes) fan grills that don't extend outside the area of the fan? What I mean is that most CCFL grills have a larger diameter than the circle of the fan, and therefore can't be placed directly next to eachother. I know there are ones, but where do you find them?
Posted by: usbcd36

Re:G5 Fans - 11/08/05 05:04 PM

Ok, I am looking for some round cold cathode lights (those made for case fans) that DO NOT extend outside the 80mm x 80mm area of the fan. I am looking to install them in a Power Mac G5, and the 80mm fans are too close to other things to allow any extra space. Sunbeam cathodes don't work because they are larger than the fans, and so are most others. I have seen one mod that did this successfully, but the person didn't list the parts or any contact information (it was on MacAddict's Log Out page). Anyone have any ideas?