G5 Cold Cathode Mod Help

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G5 Cold Cathode Mod Help - 08/21/05 10:46 AM

Hey everyone. I recently posted the "G5 Cathode Mod Crash!" thread to try and get some help with my lighting. I have yet to figure out what is going wrong with my cathodes but the end result was that my room mate purchased them from me for exactly what I had paid. So now I'm on a quest to re-light my computer, but this time do it right. I am new beyond all beliefe to this mod your mac thing, so any and all help would be awesome.

My first question actually relates back to my old cathodes. They had a on/off switch that was pci mounted. One thing that I noticed, as did my room mate, was that the back of the switch where the wire ran out there was a little metal "circle". It almost looked like a tiny washer was soddered to the on/off switch. The both of us has guessed that this may be used for grounding the cathode. So my question to everyone is, do cathodes need to be grounded? If so than how do I ground them properly? If this is a possibility than could the lack of grounding have been the cause of my crashes upon turning the cathodes on?

Ok now moving on. On my last thread someone had mentioned that my power supply unit may be outputing lower power, damaged, or just being over worked. I learned that the psu to my dual 2.5 G5 was a 600W system and many people around the net said it was more than enough to power anything. Is there a way I can check if this unit is good? I have AppleCare and I'm not afraid to put it to good use and have the unit fixed.

Now moving on to actual moding of my system. I basically want to know as much information as possible on the topic. I'm very pro on PCI slot on/off switches because I just fear of cutting into my G5 case. So I guess if anyone has any suggestions on pci based cold cathodes please let me know what brand is awesome. I'm also wondering where to buy these cathodes? Any good site? I figured this time around I would go with 12" dual cathode set to have one 12" in the front and one in the back to illuminate the lower 2 thermal zones. Anyone have any suggestions on a good way to pull this off? Lastly what about the upper zone containing hard drives and cd drives? I want it to glow so I was thinking of putting a 3 beam LED in there... good or bad idea? And how exactly do LED's turn on and off?... I have yet to get a straight answer from any company that makes them for computers.

So my final question to everyone is how did you pull off your G5 lighting mod? If anyone can provide any detailed or semi detailed instuctions or pictures it would be very appreciated.

Lastly If you guys want to know my system to better understand what I'm working with it is as follows:
G5 dp 2.5 (very early models)
2GB of RAM ( 2 x 1GB )
250 GB HD
PCI Slot 4 = Gigabit Ethernet X card
PCI Slot's 2 & 3 = Empty
Slot 1 (AGP) = Radeon x800 card :evil:

Thank you everyone for spending the time to read this. As always all suggestions are good ones. Thanks everyone!


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Re:G5 Cold Cathode Mod Help - 08/21/05 02:41 PM

have a look here


I used these in mine and I didn't have any problems at all. Plus, their price is hard to beat.