PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays)

Posted by: Bazmin64

PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 12:28 AM

Anyone out there with a PoweMac G4 (the one with the mirrored drive bays) i have been looking at all the great mods on this site and i've been wanting to do some modding to my G4, possibly adding some cathode lighting and making the case clear. Any help with what i need and how to do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Posted by: dead13

Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 08:58 AM

i believe the mdd has the same side panels as a quicksilver so you should be able to make them clear relatively easily check the mod guides for that info good luck and when you get done show us some pics!!
Posted by: maestro

Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 10:58 AM

Yep, clearing the sides is easy. The only problem is that there is steel under it. If you want
it to look great and see the inside, some serious cutting is involved. I posted a mod called
"really cool G4". The outside is stock, but the inside is pretty tweaked. Any questions you
have I should be able to answer for you.
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Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 01:24 PM

Go to http://www.pricepages.org/g4_mod/ to see a totally clear mdd case mod. Im gonna try and
get a mod guide for the it.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 02:32 PM

the other guys are pretty much right on. Once you clear the side shells with rubbing alcohol, the inner chassis is sheet metal, and the front, back, and top plastics are actually molded in color. So a totally transparent G4 is a bit of a challenge.

However, any attempt at something is a good thing, so keep us posted on what you decide to do! laugh
Posted by: maestro

Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 06:01 PM

Actually modyourmac, they colors are not molded in. Its paint like the rest. Check out my
previous post and follow the link for a totally clear MDD G4.
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Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/08/05 08:26 PM

i love the blue lighted tubing B), where did you buy it from?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/09/05 02:27 AM

Just Google CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lighting kits. You need a kit with an inverter included. One inverter will usually run two tubes.
Posted by: mailseth

Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/09/05 01:59 PM

Hi there, I'm the guy with the linked MDD G4 (http://www.pricepages.org/g4_mod/).

I the glow tubing was actually intended for a car, but it works just fine in the computer (as you see). It was bought from a local department store. As an added bonus, since it has the standard 12v auto power plug, I could splice it right into the computer's power. A friend of mine said that the glow tubing works only for a few months then burns out, but it is over two years later and is still going fine.

The only color that you can't remove is the apple logos that are molded into the side panels.

If you go the route of removing the paint with alcohol, be sure to use 90% or better. It's the difference between scrubbing for hours and the paint falling off after a short soak.
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Re:PowerMacG4 (mirrored drive bays) - 07/09/05 04:40 PM

Mailseth, glad to see youve joined the site. Your modded mdd is sweet. Thanks for bringing
the clarification.