Black G5 Powermac

Posted by: oojacoboo

Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 11:58 AM

ok, its official, modyourmac rocks! He has been working on fixing up a case for me in his spare time. I wanted a spare G5 case to put some components in and install linux. Check out the results so far.

Keep in mind that its only half done and it already looks great.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 12:01 PM

you know, I just thought about it, and I've been making reference to it as "Stealth Tower, 1.0" when it comes up in conversation with friends.

Now it just needs to stop raining, and the humidity needs to drop so I can paint more this evening. curse you, weather control bureau!
Posted by: Jias

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 12:33 PM

Dude, that looks amazing. How flat/gossy is it going to be when you're done?

modyourmac - I'm consitantly impressed with your work.
oojacoboo - you mad a good choice going black.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 12:44 PM

Jias, thanks for the compliment bro. Always appreciated! laugh

how glossy? well, I'm working that out. Paint dings off the sharp edges of the G5 case easy. So Its gonna get cleared pretty well. 6-8 coats. if I dont buff the jebus out of it, she wont be super shiny. if I do, think of black hard candy :woohoo:
Posted by: Jias

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 12:49 PM

Yeah, I'd go with something only kind of shiny. Goes with the "stealth" vibe. Totally flat might be kind of dull.

(on an only slightly related note, a friend of mine wrote something in his blog about how much better everything would be if everything was stainless steel. I'm thinking about telling him to buy a Powerbook. He's a Windows SysAdmin, but also a *nix guy, so I'm not quite sure how well he's going to respond to that idea)
Posted by: maestro

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 02:41 PM

It seems that you have the painting down pat. Thats awesome. Personally, I would love to see the G5 Pmac in flat black. I also love what Falcon Northwest does with their paint jobs and would like to see similar done with a mac.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 06:53 PM

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Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 07:44 PM

whitlock, okay, its sad, I was able to read that without any real problems. Ever since I discovered that google will display your returns in leet...

Dont worry, I have plans for other cases. I've got a G5 case that will become the A-Team van, and my partner in crime, evan is getting the rare opportunity to meet Frank Frazetta. (think fantasy warrior women) E is gonna see if he cant get F.F. to give us permission to use some of his art on our G5 "Pimp Van" mod. Think '70's boogie wagon. They're gonna be leet!.

Now if only I could rip out all the case contents and get the metal parts powder coated. That would be some super unreal phatness. muhahahahahaha! :woohoo:
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 08:13 PM

If you, or know someone, that can powdercoat...damn...very slick. And as for the A-Team Van, F*CK YEAH! That would be awesome. Rock it even further with vintage action figures and have a duel between Hannibal and B.A. with knives and Murdoch in the back tweaking out about the Wheel of Fortune, you would have the best T.V. inspired machine ever!
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 08:29 PM

I found a place in Manassas, VA, about 30 minutes west of me, that does anodizing and powder coating. The problem are fundamental though. All of apple's pieces are finished goods, with some kind of plastic attached to all the metal bits. for powder coating, the pieces have to be sprayed with a electrically charged dust, and then baked. Finish is tough as nails and gorgeous, but plastics would melt during the baking process.

Anodizing also involves heat and electricity, but adds the fun of water, lye, and several other acids. There's some guide stuff on anodizing at the link below for those interested.

Unfortunately, these arent things I can do at home. Some point, I might see what I can have done, but it wont be this week smile
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 09:34 PM

man that would be sick. That guide looks like so much fun, I can see it now, water spilled all over the ground and jimmy hits the switch.......aazzzaaazazzzazazzzzgugugug....ha. Ok, but really, that does look a bit dangerous.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:Black G5 Powermac - 06/02/05 10:09 PM

And I quote Tyler Durden.

" Lye. And a chemical burn."

half the stuff they're using in that guide is the kind of stuff that can either electrocute you, or disolve skin/flesh. Put simply, his garage is like a meth lab for metalurgy nerds.

I'd set something like that up in my garage for experimentation, but I already get in enough trouble with the my better half cause of the paint :P

Someone else can totally tackle this one. No doubt.