Filling in the Gap

Posted by: whitlock

Filling in the Gap - 04/15/05 07:35 PM

So I'm using Bondo on my current mod. Anyone else used Bondo, epoxy, or anything else on their mods? Looking to get some info togther on it, maybe even put together a howto in the Mod Guide section on getting rid of those gaps in the case for sculpting purposes.
Posted by: dead13

Re:Filling in the Gap - 04/15/05 09:29 PM

i have used bondo in the past and let me tell you sandpaper is your best friend when using that stuff and it paints up really nice when done.A mod guide for it would be great just try to make it as in depth as possible because if you are not knowledgeable in the bondo area the chances for a nasty looking final product are very good.remember its not how fast you mod but how good it looks that counts.
Posted by: Surfadelic

Re:Filling in the Gap - 04/20/05 06:39 PM

The mention of the words "bondo" and "case mod" around a redneck (me) could yield some interesting results, in the coming future. That, and two different colors of primer should do the trick... :P